A whole lot closer now…4,249.41 miles to go

Well, Rod left a week ago and got back to his base camp about 5 days ago.  It was the second hardest thing I’ve had to do…the first being letting him go the first time.  But I had a good solid cry day…or two…and the Memorial Day weekend was a very relaxing one.  Overall, our trip was really good.  It’s always crazy living out of a suitcase and moving every couple of days but we got to do a lot of fun stuff (like mining for diamonds, running new trails, golfing, finally shooting the rifle Rod got me for Christmas, etc) and we got quite a bit of work done on the Springdale house.

I started one of my summer classes the Monday before Rod left and have been furiously trying to catch up for the last week.  Thankfully, yesterday I found a good rhythm that I can work with until my next class starts next Monday…then I’ll have to find a new rhythm.

We have come to the conclusion that the Steamboat house in Texas isn’t going to work out.  We figure the issues with the title are God’s way of saying ‘No’ and that’s okay with us.  If we end up staying in Texas for longer than the 15 months we’re anticipating we can look for something then…maybe.  For now, we’re trying to find a rental in the Killeen/Harker Heights area and think we’ve found one that isn’t too badly priced, in a good area, allows pets, has a privacy fence, and has a pool!  We just haven’t seen any interior/backyard pictures for it and won’t be able to until the 7th of June because there are still renters in the house right now.

So, since we’re not buying a house…we have even more money saved for Scotland/starting a family!  We’re starting to plan our trip to Scotland and are pretty excited.  Rod and I have never flown anywhere together and have never left the country together either…even when we lived so close to Mexico.  This will be quite an experience!  Other than that…I don’t really have much news.

Bible Chapters: Isaiah 5 – Isaiah 28

I don’t have much to say about Isaiah other than it’s amazing how chock-full it is of prophecies, most interestingly in chapters 7 and 9 when they describe Jesus’ coming.  It makes me wonder though, while we see prophesy as something read in the Bible and “how terrible it was that no one believed,” why don’t we believe in prophesy these days?  Has God stopped speaking to us?  Have we stopped listening?


Rod and Me: 9.9 miles

Me (after Rod left): 19.41 miles

Grandpa Williams: 10 miles


I love you all,

-M (170 and still fighting!)

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Enjoying it while WE can!!! 4,288.72 miles to go

Well, as you probably read in the previous blog post from Rod, he’s home for leave.  While I couldn’t be much happier to have him home, it’s still bittersweet because I know he’s going to be heading back in a little less than 2 weeks.  Thankfully we’ll only have about 3 months left by the time he gets back to Iraq.  Dealing with the doggies and everything (as far as running goes at least) has definitely gotten easier with him being home but traveling is always just rough.  We’re trying to eat as healthy as we can because we don’t want to undo the hard work we’ve made losing weight and we’re trying to run every day.  Here’s a picture of us from the first two days together. 

 I guess I don’t have much else to say…gonna sit back and enjoy watching the Cardinals and hanging out with my husband! 😀  We love you guys and can’t thank you enough for all of your prayers.

Bible Chapters: Ecclesiates 10 – Isaiah 4

As far as Isaiah goes, Rod and I are in agreement that as Christians, as a church, as a country, we should read and take heed.  ‘Nough said.


Me: 14.78

Rod: 8.78

Grandpa Williams: 10

Josh: 202.2

Phil/Karen: 35.65

Total: 271.41 miles

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Glad for the break…..4560.13 miles to go

Well, I’m back for two weeks.  It’s feels exactly like I thought it would.  I’m so happy to see my wife again and to not have to worry about anything being fired at the hotel while I’m trying to sleep.  It’s impossible to completely detach yourself from Iraq on R&R though.  Two weeks just isn’t long enough to accomplish that, especially when your friends are still over there dealing with it.  Apologies in advance to everyone I see if I seem a bit out there.   Anyway, I’ve been up since about 0200.  I guess it’s going to take a few days for my body to get used to the eight hour time difference.  Just going to log a few miles.  Mandy is going to put up a picture and log some more when she wakes up here in a bit.  Looking forward to seeing everyone I can in the next 14 days.

Miles run: 21.25

Bible read:  Through Isaiah Chapter 2.

Weight: 209

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Everything is fine… 4,581.38 miles to go

To all of you not only worried about Rod’s safety but have been following the flooding/tornadoes in the southern states, everything is fine.  Northwest Arkansas had quite a bit of flash flooding last Monday night (enough to close the university).  It was a little scary but kind of fun too.  We were out rescuing cars who ventured down our street.  Got scared enough to pull my truck into the driveway but other than that, it was okay.  Thankfully, it went away just as quickly as it came since that we live on a huge mountain.  As far as Rod’s safety, I just found out today that his squadron lost a soldier.  This was their first combat-related casualty…from his SQUADRON.  We, as a nation, have lost 11 soldiers in the month of April in Iraq alone.  Don’t get me going on Afghanistan…that’s a whole ‘nother ballgame. 

Speaking of BALLGAMES!…anyone watching major league baseball this year?  It’s been rather lonely watching the games by myself (the ones I can catch).  Rod and I usually watch the games after we get back from our evening run and I’m fixing dinner or watering the garden.  Then we have dinner while watching the game and hanging out together.  That’s one of the reasons I love baseball season so much.  Needless to say we’re planning on going to a St. Louis Cardinals game when Rod comes back on leave. 

Speaking of LEAVE!!…we’re hoping Rod will be coming back in the next two weeks.  I know my stress levels will certainly decrease…unless he’s planning on being a particular shade of push-my-buttons-just-to-irritate-me-and-make-me-laugh-like-a-crazy-person kind of ornery when he gets here! 🙂

Bible Chapters: Psalm 99 – Ecclesiastes 9

I finished with the psalms which took quite a while.  Reading something like that can get a little boring after so many days of reading (seemingly) the same thing.  I always think of the “Proverbs 31 Woman” whenever I read in Proverbs.  As with many chapters in the Bible, I compare myself to the people, laws, and stories.  Of course, I’ll never match up to the standards given in Proverbs but I don’t mind striving for the rest of my life.  Ecclesiastes is a pretty interesting book.  It has reminded me of being in a philosophy class and really delves deep into the meaning of wisdom, pleasures, and life in general.  Now, tomorrow we (better be WE, Rod! :)) into the Song of Solomon (or Song of Songs).  If any of you (ladies) love a good romance novel and haven’t really read Song of Solomon…DO IT!  I can’t think of any work by Shakespeare any more pure and loving than this book.

Miles: (Total: 104.87 miles)

Mine: 51.02 miles

Mom Deerfoot: 22.25 miles

Dad Deerfoot: 12.75 miles

Phil & Karen: 10.85 miles

LaNiece: 8 miles

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Eight months down……4686.25 miles to go

Today is the last day of my eighth month over here.  And right now I am ready to smash my computer because my original of this post for some reason only posted the first sentence.  From now on I suppose I should play it safe and type these into a Word document and then copy paste into the browser so it doesn’t happen again.  Anyway, eight months down, and it feels like every day of it.  Eight long months since I have seen my beautiful wife.  Eight months since I have had a day off.  Eight months since I haven’t felt the slightest bit of nerves about the sun going down.  On the plus side though, it should be less than two weeks before I get to come home for 15 days of R&R leave.  Then by the time I get back we’ll be in that period where we are making the plans to pull our unit out of country for good.  That’s the day I’m really looking for.  On both of my previous tours, the day I got home for good was surreal.  It takes some tim to get used to, but I can’t wait.

Part of me is a bit hesistant to take the 15 day, as weird as that may sound.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m taking them, but for fifteen days when you know you have to go back, it is difficult not to let your mind wander to what is going on back in country with your fellow soldiers.  Plus, I’m such a control freak about my job, I have a hard time handing the reigns to someone else in my absence.  It’s worth it though, to get to see my wife and family for a couple of weeks.  Plus, I could definitely use a recharge.  I’m running on fumes at this point in the deployment.

Finally making some more progress on my weight.  I’m down to 210 (from 241), which is my lowest since 2006.  I honestly had hoped that I would have hit my goal of 47 pounds lost by now after the hot start I had out of the gate, but then reality and life set in.  I should still have plenty of time to lose the last sixteen when I get back from leave.  I just have to make sure I don’t fill up on crap when I come home.  I’ve done a good job of changing my diet for the better, and hopefully I can make the changes permanent.  I really do see a difference in how I feel when I eat healthier, especially right after I eat.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to coming home and spending time with my wife and getting to visit with family and friends and just relaxing.  Until then, take care.

Totals through Thursday:

Miles run: 11.50

Miles donated: 13.39 (from the Scotts)

Bible read: thru Proverbs chapter 3

Weight: 210

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Ready for May!!! 4,711.14 miles to go

I’m so stinkin’ ready for May it’s almost painful.  Having weird dreams and am in a mad scramble to lose some weight.  I’ve been busy with school and drill.  My uniform fit even better this month!  WOOHOO!!  Found out this evening that the title for the house is finally clear.  Now if only USAA would pull their head out of their butt and process our loan paperwork…or at least answer their phones/return phone calls/answer e-mails!  Last I checked, that was good business policy. 

We’re pretty nervous about our lazy congressmen…from both parties.  At this point, Rod won’t be getting a paycheck on the 15th of April.  I wasn’t even sure until recently that it was possible to NOT pay our servicemen/women, especially when their sitting in harm’s way, and are the reason those congressmen can afford to sit on their…rears (I’d like to use another word) and get paid way too much to do nothing!  By God’s grace, we’ll be okay for a few months…but what about the soldiers who live paycheck to paycheck!?  I just read today about a soldier’s wife who is living in the Fort Hood area and hasn’t been able to find a job since August (sounds familiar) but her husband is an E-4 and let’s just say, there’s a big difference in what an E-4 and a WO1 bring home on a monthly basis.  I couldn’t imagine being in her situation.  If nothing else, this teaches me the importance of having a big cushion to fall back on. 

I’ve got to say, I’m getting pretty tired of dealing with everything by myself.  Rod has been gone for over 7 months now and it hasn’t gotten easier to handle everything alone, I just expect it all to be twice as hard.  Thanks to the coldest winter the dogs have ever seen and their lack of activity, Paige has gained 20 pounds…I didn’t even know a dog could do that.  I had to weigh her twice…which she hates…just to make sure the scale wasn’t wrong.  Granted, I see her everyday but she doesn’t look like she’s gained that much weight.  And Yadier has gained 10 pounds.  So, I’ve cut back their food intake, started shedding their winter coats, and leave them outside to run and frolic for longer during the day.  I can report that it has been a week and Paige has lost 2 pounds already!  Only 18 more to go!

Bible Chapters Read: Psalms 39 – 98

I’m getting used to how the Psalms read and while I don’t always understand the symbology, I can get the gist of the meaning.  I’ve also started doing my reading in the mornings with a nice cup of coffee.  By the time I’m done reading, I’m ready to start my day!  I’ve drug out a book by Cynthia Heald called “Becoming a Woman of Prayer” in hopes of starting to read it in the mornings.  Prayer has really become a huge part of my daily life so I figure this book should be a nice study.


Me: 82.3 miles

Grandpa Williams: 10 miles

Phil and Karen: 20.98 miles

Mom Deerfoot: 10 miles

Dad Deerfoot: 2 miles

Josh: 116.7 miles

Maryeileen: 35 miles

TOTAL: 276.98 miles!!  AWESOME EVERYONE!  Keep going! 🙂

-M (169.0)

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Rough week…..4988.12 miles to go

Don’t have a ton to write tonight. It’s been a tough time the past seven days or so over here. It’s easy to get into a routine over here because essentially every day is the same. You can even sometimes forget that you are in a combat zone, and that’s when it’s most dangerous because without thinking you begin to feel maybe not complacent, but at least a little more comfortable than you should in a place like this. Bottom line though….there are still people over here who spend every day trying to find a way to kill us. Unfortunately, royal weddings and basketball and Libya are what get people to tune into the news, so you rarely see a mention of what is still happening over here.

I promised pictures of the stache and here they are. This is the first time I’ve made it through the full 31 days of Mustache March without getting irritated and shaving it off. Probably will be the last. I’ve got one of me and one of my soldiers with me who went the whole month without shaving as well. We had to draw one on for the girl so she wouldn’t be left out.

Totals through Tuesday

Miles run: 19.63

Bible read: Thru Psalms 72

Weight: 211

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