Almost done……3908.65 miles to go

Without going into specific dates for opsec reasons, this will be my last post from Iraq. I couldn’t be happier. I’ll probably try to make one more post from Kuwait before I get home for good, but the dangerous part is almost over. We obviously won’t get the miles tab down to zero before I get home, but like Mandy said, we finished the Bible reading and did it in well under a year. I finished the Old Testament about a week after my last post. I then went back and read Zechariah and Malachi again just to go over some stuff. I’m now finished with Matthew for the second time and into Mark. I’ll probably go back to the beginning with Mandy once I get back home so we can start over together.

I can’t believe this is finally almost over. This was the first time in three tours where I was actually nervous on a daily basis. The security agreement that our governemt allowed us to work in Iraq under was nothing short of criminal. Having to beg to be able to defend yourself for a year has definitely taken a toll on me and most of my fellow soldiers. It’s been enough (with some other concerns) to make me seriously doubt my desire to keep doing this. But none of that is is forefront in my mind now. Right now I can’t stop thinking that by this time next week I should be home with my wife.

We’ve been trying to plan a camping trip for labor day weekend, but unfortunately the drought has made most of the lakes around us in Texas and Oklahoma un-swimmable and un-fishable (I don’t think those are real words). Many of them have no water contact rules thanks to blue green algae forming in all of them. Either way, we’re finding a spot because we’ve already rented a trailer from MWR on Fort Hood for the weekend. I don’t care where we have to drive, I’m finding a spot to relax.

Well, this is getting cut short, we’ve just been called out for a quick brief. Hopefully this means some new information on when I’m getting out of this country for good. Here’s hoping I never have to come back.

Miles Run: 16.17

Miles donated: 32.05 from the Scotts

Bible read: Through Mark chapter 5.

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One Response to Almost done……3908.65 miles to go

  1. karen scott says:

    Rod, We are so happy that you’ll be home real soon now! You know, we didn’t get the miles down to zero, but we did come half-way, and I think that’s pretty good! Add in another 10.25 miles for us last week. We’re still counting here this week, so let us know when you want us to stop. This has been great incentive for us this past year, so now I’m going to have to think of something to keep us going, to keep on tracking our own miles after we finish up with yours! If you ever come to Florida to visit Mandy’s grandparents, let us know, as we’d love to meet you in person. We’ve known Mandy for years, and it would be pure pleasure to meet her husband too. God bless you and keep you safe in His care, Karen

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