Iraqi summers, not a big fan…….4013.51

So I tried to go outside for a while to take on one of my soldiers in some basketball (yes, I put a ton of sunscreen on my bald noggin). It was a breezy 125 today when we went at about 1400. By breezy, think standing behind a window unit air conditioner as it expels the hot air and just letting it blast you in the face. Needless to say, we didn’t even make it for forty minutes before I had to stop. My teeth were buzzing and I seriously thought I was going to puke or pass out or both. I really don’t like this place.

So I’ve finished up Ezekiel and moved into Daniel. The last few books Mandy and I have read have made numerous mentions of Babylon. That is exactly where I am at, in Babil province (Arabic for Babylon). We aren’t really that far away from the ruins of ancient Babylon. When I found out last year that this was where we would be going, I was hopeful that the security situation would be good enough that I might be able to go by the ruins some time. I seriously don’t see that happening. I’ll save my personal thoughts for actual conversation, but sometimes, I admit, I find myself cheering for the destruction of this place in the Old Testament. Either way, I can say without reservation that when this contract is up, if the US is still at war with any country over here, I’m walking away from the Army. I’ve been in ten years and this is my third deployment. I’ve been lucky. Many are on number four or five. The current projection from the Department of Defense is that they want to TRY to be able to give us two years at home for every year deployed. If that’s the case, I’m looking at a MINIMUM of three more years in cesspool countries away from my wife just to be able to retire after twenty years of service. The pension and health care benefits just aren’t worth that. Especially not considering that I could be making much more money with my degree. REALLY not worth it considering our wonderful government can’t seem to pay their bills now so who knows if that pension and retirement will even be there in ten years.

Sorry for the rant. Honestly, I’m just tired. I miss my wife and I’ve missed out on the better part of ten years with my family to help provide “freedom” to countries that weren’t on the enlistment oath I took. I got to watch my youngest brother play football once. Once. I missed out on much of his years growing up and now he’s a grown man about to graduate college. I can’t complain about it all, because without the Army I wouldn’t have Mandy and her family. Right now though, I’m ready for some folks in D.C. to say “Enough” and mean it and start focusing on the citizens of this country like they were elected to do. It irritates me to no end that most people I speak to these days can tell me more about some stupid TV show than they can about the policies and intentions of the people they vote for. It’s really no wonder these snakes are running our country into the ground.

I’m tired. Be home soon though. Please keep praying because this place is getting worse if you’ve noticed (if the news even mentions it) and it’s going to keep moving that way before it gets better. Love you all and thanks for the prayers you’ve already made.

Totals through Sunday

Miles run: 14.81 (Almost have my five mile time down to 40 minutes, which is the Army Ranger minimum. Not that I’m thinking about doing that, but I’d like to be able to say I could at least run their minimum).

Miles donated: 8.1 from the Scotts

Bible read: Through Daniel chapter 4

Weight: Not sure, but I will be under 200 before I step off the plane.

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3 Responses to Iraqi summers, not a big fan…….4013.51

  1. karen scott says:

    Hi Rod, Wow, and we thought it’s hot here at 92-93 and 92-93% humidity! At least we’ve had rain. Do you ever wish for green grass instead of desert brown? Sorry to hear that you’re feeling so down just now–it’s the end coming up and probably making you extra frustrated ’cause it’s not coming fast enough! Add in 8.8 miles for us last week (what will we do for incentive when you’re home again??) I know I say it every time, but we continue in prayer for you and Mandy, our church prayer group as well every Wednesday evening. Stay safe.

  2. Rod says:

    Thanks Karen. I’ll add in the miles as soon as I have a few more to add of my own.

  3. Sherry says:

    Hi Rod,
    I don’t check my email as often as I should so I didn’t read your last post until recently. I can understand how you feel and agree with you totally. It’s time to bring you and all the others in Iraq home. You can tear down a hornets’ nest and sometimes not even get stung but eventually the hornets will return and will rebuild their nest. I can’t wait until the day I get a phone call to let us know you are stateside and with your wife where you should be. Please put Terry and I down for 8 miles this week.

    We love you and you are in our prayers.
    Dad and Mom D.

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