Eight months down……4686.25 miles to go

Today is the last day of my eighth month over here.  And right now I am ready to smash my computer because my original of this post for some reason only posted the first sentence.  From now on I suppose I should play it safe and type these into a Word document and then copy paste into the browser so it doesn’t happen again.  Anyway, eight months down, and it feels like every day of it.  Eight long months since I have seen my beautiful wife.  Eight months since I have had a day off.  Eight months since I haven’t felt the slightest bit of nerves about the sun going down.  On the plus side though, it should be less than two weeks before I get to come home for 15 days of R&R leave.  Then by the time I get back we’ll be in that period where we are making the plans to pull our unit out of country for good.  That’s the day I’m really looking for.  On both of my previous tours, the day I got home for good was surreal.  It takes some tim to get used to, but I can’t wait.

Part of me is a bit hesistant to take the 15 day, as weird as that may sound.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m taking them, but for fifteen days when you know you have to go back, it is difficult not to let your mind wander to what is going on back in country with your fellow soldiers.  Plus, I’m such a control freak about my job, I have a hard time handing the reigns to someone else in my absence.  It’s worth it though, to get to see my wife and family for a couple of weeks.  Plus, I could definitely use a recharge.  I’m running on fumes at this point in the deployment.

Finally making some more progress on my weight.  I’m down to 210 (from 241), which is my lowest since 2006.  I honestly had hoped that I would have hit my goal of 47 pounds lost by now after the hot start I had out of the gate, but then reality and life set in.  I should still have plenty of time to lose the last sixteen when I get back from leave.  I just have to make sure I don’t fill up on crap when I come home.  I’ve done a good job of changing my diet for the better, and hopefully I can make the changes permanent.  I really do see a difference in how I feel when I eat healthier, especially right after I eat.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to coming home and spending time with my wife and getting to visit with family and friends and just relaxing.  Until then, take care.

Totals through Thursday:

Miles run: 11.50

Miles donated: 13.39 (from the Scotts)

Bible read: thru Proverbs chapter 3

Weight: 210

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3 Responses to Eight months down……4686.25 miles to go

  1. karen scott says:

    Hey, we’re counting down the days with you! I bet you can’t wait to see Mandy. Add another 10.85 miles for us from last week. Stay safe–prayers abound.

  2. Sherry says:

    Hi Rod,
    Can’t wait to know you are home stateside. I know the past 8 months have being hard on you and Mandy both; I’m so glad it will be coming to an end soon. Enjoy your time home.
    Miles walked: Terry – 9.75
    Sherry – 19.25

    God bless you and I pray for your safe return home.
    Sherry and Terry

  3. LaNiece says:

    We miss u Rod! Can’t wait to see you. Sorry about not logging my miles, ill do better. Last week I had 8miles.

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