Rough week…..4988.12 miles to go

Don’t have a ton to write tonight. It’s been a tough time the past seven days or so over here. It’s easy to get into a routine over here because essentially every day is the same. You can even sometimes forget that you are in a combat zone, and that’s when it’s most dangerous because without thinking you begin to feel maybe not complacent, but at least a little more comfortable than you should in a place like this. Bottom line though….there are still people over here who spend every day trying to find a way to kill us. Unfortunately, royal weddings and basketball and Libya are what get people to tune into the news, so you rarely see a mention of what is still happening over here.

I promised pictures of the stache and here they are. This is the first time I’ve made it through the full 31 days of Mustache March without getting irritated and shaving it off. Probably will be the last. I’ve got one of me and one of my soldiers with me who went the whole month without shaving as well. We had to draw one on for the girl so she wouldn’t be left out.

Totals through Tuesday

Miles run: 19.63

Bible read: Thru Psalms 72

Weight: 211

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3 Responses to Rough week…..4988.12 miles to go

  1. Sherry says:

    I’m impressed Rod!! With the stache that is……..but will we ever see hair on top of your head? HeeHee…. Sorry to hear things are rough over there for you and the troops and you’re right about the news media, sad but true. I pray that God will bring you all home safe.

  2. karen scott says:

    Hey Rod, personally I really like the mustache! Then again, my husband’s had one since our dating days (way back when) and I just happen to like guys with mustaches! Seriously, do take care over there. We keep praying for you. Since we heard from either of you last, you can add 20.98 miles for the Scotts here in Florida.

  3. Rod says:

    Thanks Karen and Sherry. The prayers are much appreciated. And even though I’ve been shaving my head for ten years now, somehow the hair on the top keeps finding a way to fall out… 😦

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