I hate banks…..5313.65 miles to go

So the original closing date on the house Mandy and I are looking to buy has been pushed back. There is a simple issue with the title, but nothing is being done by the banks on either side to make sure it gets corrected. Unfortunately, the original Evil Empir – Bank of America – owns the house and they have no incentive to push this forward because it is a foreclosure and the government will pick up the tab for them anyway. If the issue with the title doesn’t get fixed, we are out no small chunk of money for the appraisal and VA inspection that they let us go through with before informing us that they found a small issue. Either way, it’s put a dent in our plans to hopefully be able to start moving in before I come home on R&R in May. I’m still praying that it gets done in time, because I really like the house and the mortgage is definitely much cheaper than rent in Killeen. But if we don’t I suppose that’s just our sign that we weren’t meant to have that particular place and we’ll just keep looking.

Work has been horrendous lately. In about a four day period, I was up for 22, 25, and 26 hours straight in three different stretches. It was fun work, but stressful and exhausting. Honestly, 99% of my job and the military life I could do without. There’s two things about my job that I like, and I spent those four days doing nothing but one of them. So, good times (for over here anyway), but again, completely exhausting. Needless to say, once the work was done and I had a window, I slept for ten hours straight without so much as waking up once. Now we are back into the daily grind and pushing down to the five months remaining milestone. Right now, though, I’ve just got my eyes on leave and being able to spend two weeks with my wife. And it’s in May, which is a fine month to be outside and on vacation just about anywhere.

I have hit my low as far as weight for the tour over here. The last few months I was either treading water or taking off the weight tht I had put back on. Hopefully I can keep moving in the right direction now. Under twenty pounds to go.

Oh yeah, the mustache. Coming into the home stretch of Mustache March. It’s horrendous. I look like a complete doofus with a mustache. Some people can pull it off and look good with one. I’m not one of them. Plus, I just can’t get used to the feeling of two caterpillars fighting on my upper lip. I’ll have a picture up on March 31st before I cut it off.

Totals through Saturday

Miles run: 20.21

Miles donated: 21 from Karen

Bible read: Through Job 20

Weight: 213.6

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One Response to I hate banks…..5313.65 miles to go

  1. karen scott says:

    Here’s hoping your work schedule winds down a bit–that’s a lot of hours to be up on a consistent basis. Still recovering here from the hospitalization two weeks ago, so not too many miles to add this week. Only 7.2 between the both of us. However, this week. . .!!!! Hoping to get back into the regular swing of things. Know that we’ll be praying about the house situation. Take care, Rod.

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