That time of the year! 5,354.86 miles to go…

It’s that time of the year again…time to cancel the gym membership, map out some new running paths, leash up the doggies, and fill the air in my bike tires (that’s bicycle, not motorcycle).  Yadier and Paige have started getting baths outside…so much easier to clean up afterwards but I’m pretty sure they’re not too thrilled about it.  The water is quite a bit cooler than when I bathe them in the tub.  But I’ve never seen a happier pair of dogs when they get to go for a run after a chilly bath.  We got chased down by that jerk of a dog down the road.  Is there a law about spraying dogs with pepper spray?!  That’ll teach him!  I guess one could make the argument that I wouldn’t like someone spraying my dogs with pepper spray but my dogs are very well-behaved and wouldn’t chase after runners-by!  In fact, they’re never out front without plenty of supervision (mainly because they’re like 4-legged five-year-olds and feed off each other’s craziness). 

I went for my “hida scan” on Tuesday morning.  It tests the function of my gallbladder by injecting dye so a machine can see how the dye moves through the gallbladder and then they inject sodium chloride (basically a salt solution) to squeeze the gallbladder and force the dye out.  The only abnormality they saw was that the dye didn’t move out of the gallbladder into the common bile duct and small bowel until the sodium chloride was introduced.  Apparently that’s supposed to happen during the first phase of the test.  This morning I went for my abdominal ultrasound and that went well.  The technician said everything looked good but that by the way I described the pain and the way it went away so quickly it sounded like I passed a gallstone, which would cause pancreatitis if the common bile duct were blocked from a stone.  Rod thinks it’s from a lack of hydration…I told him gallstones aren’t caused by dehydration…it’s not a kidney!…but I don’t think he believed me. {{SHOCK!}} 😀  Anyway, I’ve got an appointment here in about 2 and a half weeks to go back to the specialist and see what he wants to do. 

Everything is set for the house except there are some settlement issues on the seller’s end that need to be resolved before we can close.  No one seems to be in that big of a hurry…I guess that means we got the house at a really good price and interest rate if the banks are dragging their feet in an attempt to scare us off and keep the house.  Criminals I tell ya!! 

Bible Chapters Read: Nehemiah 4 – Job 32

I especially love the book of Esther.  It must have taken such faith and bravery to be a Jewish woman made Queen and then stand up for the Jewish people to have their lives spared.  But mostly, her heart was open and allowed God to use her in His Plan.  I don’t really believe in coincidences but I do believe God has a plan for my life and has guided me down my path.  That’s not to say I don’t think I had the right to choose but there have definitely been times in my life when God has laid it on my heart to go somewhere, do something, etc.  And always, when I get to where He has led I feel His presence and knowledge that it was His Plan.  That might sound pretty crazy to a non-Christian but it’s hard to explain. 

Job was also a man who was tested beyond what I feel I would be able to handle.  I can live without a job or nice material things in life but take away my family and I’d probably lose my mind too.  I’ve heard a lot of people within the last year question God in especially difficult circumstances…”Why has God forsaken me?!”  But every time I’m heading for a particularly rough time I always remember Job and the “Footprints” poem and I imagine Jesus LITERALLY carrying me.  Then I realize that I need to cling to God even more and know that He is INTENTIONALLY molding me to be ready for the next hard time and to be a better Christian.  So hopefully, when the day comes that I can be a witness to someone who has never heard of Christ’s love for them I can be humble and confident (that’s not a contradiction).   

Miles:  22 miles (12 cycling, 10 running)

-M (170.4)


About Mandy

I am a Christian, a wife, a mother, a business owner, a full-time job worker, and a part-time Soldier.
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4 Responses to That time of the year! 5,354.86 miles to go…

  1. Rod says:

    I’m so far behind you in my Bible reading. I’ll try to be caught up by the end of the week. I love you so much Sug and I can’t wait to be home taking the doggies for runs with you so you’re not getting them all tangled up.

  2. karen scott says:

    Glad to hear that you’re feeling some better, Mandy. I just got out of the hospital after three days with a “mild” case of pancreatitis. Boy, if that was mild, I sure don’t want the bad kind! Anyway, they doctor says mine is idiopathic, which basically means they don’t know what caused it. But I sure am glad to be back home again. In the last two weeks, put us down for 21 miles (that’s the both of us.) Hopefully, we can get back to our normal exercise program this week. Stay healthy now. Love you.

  3. Mandy says:

    How strange that we both had similar experiences so close together! They think mine was pancreatitis caused by (a) gallstone(s). I agree that I wouldn’t want the more severe kind either. The mild was plenty debilitating enough for me! I’m glad you’re doing better though. Figured something was up when I saw you hadn’t posted any miles for us last week! 🙂

  4. Mandy says:

    You wouldn’t believe how much time I lose on any given run because of the doggies. Of course, who knows how much time they’re saving me by constantly pulling me forward…maybe we should buy a sled and have them pull us?! 😀 Then again, moving to Alaska just so our dogs can pull us on sleds doesn’t seem like a well thought-out plan either. We can’t wait for you to come home. Yadier was just sayin yesterday how much he misses you…mumbled something about how much faster you run and how you let him explore the ditches and chase birds and things as he sulked off.

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