Counting down……5373.86 miles to go

Well, as Mandy stated in her last post, we are more than halfway done. Six months is still a long time to go though. So I am counting down until May when I get to come home for two weeks. That seems a little more within reach at this point. Then, once I get back from that it should be another two and a half months before we start heading out of here. So for now, I’ve got two more months to make myself totally unrecognizable from how I looked when I left. As of this morning I was down 26 pounds since I left, but still 2 pounds higher than I was before I put on the mandatory holiday weight. Either way, I’m back moving in the right direction. On the unrecognizable note, it’s mustache March. When on deployment, during March I start growing a mustache. I’ve never been able to make it through the whole month without being so embarrassed with the way it looks and shaving it all off. Fact is, I look absolutely retarded with a mustache. It grows in all funny and turns bright red after a week and a half or so. It just looks plain stupid on me. This time though, I’m gonna take it all the way til the end of the month and take a picture just to say once I made it the whole month.

Right now the weather is about as nice as you can ask for over here. About 80 during the day and in the 50s at night. Of course a sandstorm rolled in today, but it’s relatively light compared to some of the other ones I have been in. It still leaves a haze everywhere and makes the base glow at night. Plus, if you stay out in it long enough, you get the inevitable nasty dirt film all over your teeth. Within a couple of weeks, though, we’ll be back in the nineties. If I remember correctly, by mid-April we should start hitting triple digits. It’s all just misery from there because we won’t get back down under 100 until after we leave here for good.

I’m pretty far behind Mandy in my Bible reading. The last few weeks I have done some travelling around and all I took with me was my little New Testament. Hopefully tomorrow will be a slow day and I can catch up. Either way, I’m tired of reading about the past kings of Israel and Judah and all the crap they did to provoke Old Testament anger. Almost done with that part.

Anyway, I think I am back on track with my running. Of the 15.38 miles I’ll be loggin this post, all but 3.06 came in the past four days. Having every one else post so many miles is great motivation.

Totals thru Thursday

Miles: 15.38

Miles donated: 15.3 from Karen

Bible read: Through Ezra Chapter 3

Weight: 215.4

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3 Responses to Counting down……5373.86 miles to go

  1. bearrunner says:

    Good job on the mileage! Persistance pays off… Slow and steady!


  2. Maryeileen says:

    Do you know how to keep the sand off your teeth……..Quit being a “Mouth Breather”…. JK!

    Josh has been kickin’ butt at the gym for you, my cardio is walking the treadmill (per my trainer) so my miles are very slow but together we’re not doing too bad!

    We miss you and can’t wait until May, hopefully we can join you in the “new body unveiling”.

    We love you! Stay safe!

  3. karen scott says:

    I want to see that picture with the mustache! Praying for you and Mandy always. Stay safe out there and try to stay cool!

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