Time to get going again…..5699.4 miles to go

Well, I have to say, I’m feeling more motivated now after reading what Meagan has done. That is really awesome. I’ve been absolutely swamped the past few weeks and letting little things get to me, and letting myself find excuses to just hit the sack at the end of the day instead of doing what I set out to do when I came over here. I think reading Meagan’s post, though, may be the impetus to get back to the mileage I was logging the first few months I was here. If nothing else, I think taking a break in the middle of my day and going for a run and listening to some music would at least be some healthy stress relief. Anyway, great job Meagan and thanks for the miles.

Speaking of busy, earlier this week I had to go down south to do some work. While we were driving, we just stopped for some reason in the middle of the highway. For some people, it probably wouldn’t be an issue. Not for me. When I’m on the road out here, fast and non-stop is the only way I like to travel. Actually, I prefer helicopters, but that’s not an option in this story. Anyway, stopping in the middle of a highway known for roadside bombs…..not my favorite thing to do. So from the back of the vehicle I peer around to see what the hold-up is and what do I see? A herd of about 20 to 25 camels meandering across the road. I just started smiling. Not something you see every day, and not like you can just yell at them to get out of the way.

I’ve made my way through 2nd Kings as of today, and I have just one thing to say….the Old Testament is a complete bloodbath. This is the first time in a few years that I’ve actually started reading the Bible cover to cover, and I don’t think I ever really paid as much attention as I thought I was to what I was reading in the Old Testament. I like a lot of the stories, especially the story of Joseph becoming Pharoah’s right hand man in Egypt, but after a while with some of this stuff I really have a hard time figuring out the lesson in many of the books. Other than Israel continuously turning their backs on God to serve the Baals and Astoreths, and slaughtering people left and right, even going so far as to decide to eat their children during a period of famine, I’m having a hard time seeing the moral of the story. I have to say, without the New Testament, I don’t know that I would believe. Christ desired mercy and not sacrifice, and was essentially meant to be the end of bloodshed in God’s name when he died on the Cross. No more need to slaughter 80,000 for burning incense in the high places. Either you choose to follow Christ or you don’t. No more Old Testament consequences.

On another note, I’m looking forward to moving past this part of the Old Testament and more towards the prophecy found in Ezekiel and Jeremiah. That’s more my style.

Totals thru Saturday

Miles run: 6.65

Miles donated: 11.75 from Karen and 3 from Sherry

Bible read: Through 2nd Kings

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2 Responses to Time to get going again…..5699.4 miles to go

  1. Maryeileen says:

    I have to tell you that your story made me scared….until the camels……your camels made me smile too….I love you, I pray for you every night and every time I watch the news. You are the most AWESOME man I know….besides husband #1.

  2. karen scott says:

    Your story caught me unawares too. But then, I had to laugh about the camels!! Glad it was only camels, and not something a whole lot more serious. Down and out with some headaches and appointments last week, so between us, Phil and I only got in 7.65 miles for you. Aiming to do better this week. Meagan’s story inspired me too! Hey, I’ve been keeping track by week–and this week is number 26 since you’ve been gone. Is that half-way? We’re praying always.

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