The House Hunt Continues… 5,720.80 miles to go

Well, I received this email on Facebook from my cousin, Meagan, who is probably blushing at the fact that I’m posting it online: 
Hi Mandy! I hope you are doing great, and school is going well for you. So, I started going to the YMCA about a month ago, and I started logging in miles for you and Rod. I keep forgetting to send you an email to let you know my mileage. I’m also pretty OCD about wanting to have a large number to donate to you and Rod each time. I’m waiting until I rack up 100 miles, and then I will email you. So, as of last Thursday I racked up my first 100 miles! I’m well on my way to my second set of 100 miles, and I will let you know when I hit it! I’m logging in my miles by biking/walking/running.
I’m not for sure how often you get on here, but hopefully you’ll get this email soon. Also, I wasn’t for sure how you wanted me to tell you about my mileage. So, if there is another email you’d like me to use just let me know.
It’s a huge deal because Meagan has overcome so much over the last two-three years (to include beating an unknown and life-threatening illness, losing over 100 pounds with diet and exercise, and running/walking her first 5K).  She is the healthiest I’ve ever seen her and to know that she’s still setting goals for herself physically and everything gives me hope and motivates me to do the same.  So, way to go Meag-O…keep on! 😀
I was able to get to the gym once this past week (Monday) before Rod insisted I go to Killeen, TX to check out the houses on the list we had been keeping.  I drove down Tuesday with the doggies (of course!) and looked at 6 houses.  Only one of them was within our price/size range and didn’t require massive amounts of repairs to be move-in ready.  Today (Wednesday) I was “iced” in (by Central Texas standards) and everything was basically shut down.  Tomorrow I’ve got two more houses to look at and then we’ll be able to make a decision on which one to buy.  After looking in other areas of town we’ve decided to live a little further away from post in exchange for security and a nicer neighborhood…not to mention being closer to good restaurants and shopping.  Since the neighborhood is nicer and more secure, the schools are also much better than where we were living.  Hopefully this will make the house attractive to future potential renters.  I’ll make sure to post pictures next week of the house we choose!
I know Northwest Arkansas got hit hard today with snow.  As much as I like travelling and living in hotels, it’s not cheap and I need to be back to Arkansas either Friday or Saturday.  Your prayers are much appreciated for cleared roads and safe travel as well as continued prayer for a house and job.  I know I don’t pray nearly as often as I should but I know God answers prayer and it always makes all the difference.  I was a sliding mass heading down the mountain to go to drill this past weekend.  It got so bad I actually started crying because I knew I couldn’t turn around or stop (my unit was expecting me) and getting back up the mountain would have been just as hard.  It was only through prayer that I made it down without going into a ditch.  I also know it’s only through prayer that Rod and his unit have made it this far through the deployment.  So, thank you all for your thoughts and meaningful prayers.
Bible Chapters Read: 2 Kings 8 – 1 Chronicles 10
We’re getting ready to start reading parts of the Bible I have never read.  I’m pretty excited about it!  Learning more about the Word that God wanted us to read…the only words he left for us…is really exciting and I hope to get as much as I can from it.
Me: 15 miles
Phil and Karen: 11.1
Meagan: 100 miles!!

About Mandy

I am a Christian, a wife, a mother, a business owner, a full-time job worker, and a part-time Soldier.
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2 Responses to The House Hunt Continues… 5,720.80 miles to go

  1. karen scott says:

    Checking in this week. Between us we logged 11.75 miles. Man, Meagan is outshining us all–way to go! Know that we will be praying for your safety in driving and also about the housing situation. Sure hope you’ll find THE one that knocks your socks off!!! Have a good week.

  2. Sherry says:

    I think that is awesome and not surprising of Meagan. I did another 3 miles earlier this week but didn’t think to post it. Great job on the house hunting!! Boy, that was sheer teamwork between the two of you. Love both of you bunches!! Mom D

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