Missing my wife…….5891.82 miles to go

I had some time to go back to my room and just relax a couple of days ago. I of course gave Mandy a call and chatted for a bit, and then put “Raiders of the Lost Ark” on my computer to fall asleep to. While I was laying there, I got to thinking of all the stuff Mandy and I do together. Camping up at Parker Canyon lake in Arizona. Hiking all over the place with the dogs. Baseball games in Phoenix and St. Louis. Road trips to Arkansas and Ohio. Hitting every National Park we can and collecting the medallions for our walking sticks. Making a vegetable garden out of our flower bed in front of the house in Texas. Even just laying around and watching TV together. I told her I would love nothing more than to just be laying around right now watching “Pawn Stars” and not worrying about anything else going on. *Sigh* Seven more months to go.

Nothing new over here. It seriously is groundhog day every day. The routine helps the days go by sometimes, and then other times you find yourself wishing for anything different to speed the clock back up. It doesn’t feel like it has been five months since I left, which is good. But unfortunately, this is one of those periods where it seems like we’ll never make it to the end of the month and it will be January forever. Maybe if I sprint headfirst into one of the concrete bunkers I can knock myself out and wake up in February.

I just realized I’m rambling now, so I’ll just log some miles and call it a day.

Totals Through Sunday

Miles run: 12.38

Miles donated: 14.45 (7 from Phil, 7.45 from Karen)

Bible read: Through 2 Samuel Chapter 4

Weight: Not sure, I’ll check tomorrow

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One Response to Missing my wife…….5891.82 miles to go

  1. karen scott says:

    Unfortunately, Rod, sometimes even back here in civilian life, the days are a boring sameness of routine! But we look to the Lord, and say, “thank you” for life and health. Know that we pray for you and your safety all the time. Add 5.05 miles for me last week. (Phil was in Denver on a business trip, so no miles for him last week. Hoping he’ll make it up this week!) Till next time, do take care.

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