And the damage is………5971.21 miles to go

….6.6 pounds. That’s how much weight I put back on over about two weeks during the holidays. On one hand I’m disappointed in myself for eating so much and remaining lax in my running. On the other hand I am happy to know that I have so many people who care about me and who are praying for me and sent me care packages for Christmas. I really enjoyed all the snacks and stuff and really appreciated everything. I enjoyed them about 6.6 pounds worth. I’ve already finished three out of the five books that were sent to me for Christmas as well. Anyway, thanks to everyone who sent stuff. Now it’s time to get back to work and start dropping the weight again. Oh, and I’d never had almond brittle before. Delicious!

It has really been hectic over here the past couple of weeks. Nerve-wracking might be the more appropriate way to describe it. I will really be glad when this tour is over. Hopefully this is the last time I ever have to come any where near this part of the world again. Just not a real big fan of having to leave my wife for a year at a time. Plus, God willing, Mandy and I will have started our family soon after I get home next year and that would make leaving worse. I keep hoping that the government will just say “enough” and go ahead and start pulling us back home. That’s really nothing more than a pipe dream though.

I had something that I had read earlier in Joshua that I wanted to add in to this, but it has totally escaped my mind right now. I’ll try to remember it for next time and add it in. I’m still a little bit behind Sug in my reading, but I’m going to try to catch up tonight.

Totals through Monday:

Miles run: 11.76

Miles donated: 8.1 from Karen

Bible read: Through Judges chapter 8

Weight: 219.8 (sigh)

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2 Responses to And the damage is………5971.21 miles to go

  1. karen scott says:

    Don’t worry, Rod–I think most everybody puts on a few pounds over the holidays. I know some in this household did (not mentioning any names here!) Like you, we’re starting over too again. Had bronchitis last week, so didn’t get very much exercising done; it was tough enough taking a regular breath and not coughing my guts up. Put me down for 1.75 miles and also Phil did 1.75. We’re both back at the gym this week, so the total should be a lot higher by the time Saturday rolls around! Blessings.

  2. Sherry says:

    Holidays here in the Deerfoot household were great in most ways. Great in that Mandy was home with us…….not so great for my weight. But I’m hoping this year will go better for me in that way. Rod, we hope and pray things settle down for you and that you’ll be home soon.

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