Merry Christmas……6037.01 miles to go

I really hope this is the last Christmas I have to spend apart from Mandy. Hopefully the last one I have to spend on this part of the globe as well. It is much more difficult this time around. I have one word to describe right now: bleh. I hadn’t thought much about it until yesterday when I went to the chow hall for dinner. They had the place decorated, had a really nice meal, and they were playing Christmas music over the speakers. I’m not much of one for the capitalist version of Christmas that has pushed over the true meaning, but I do enjoy being with family for Christmas. As a consolation though, I did get to see just about everyone thanks to Skype.

Probably the best thing that comes out of coming over here (this is my third trip) is the personal reflection. It can be really easy to get down sometimes back home and wish life could be better/easier. I get to meet and have close relationships with many of the locals thanks to my line of work, and being able to see their lives and the day to day lives of people over here is always a dose of reality. My life and the lives of just about anyone I know back home are truly blessed. I really have nothing I can complain about. I have a wonderful family, enough money to provide for my needs, and a beautiful wife who is an amazing person and loves me no matter what. Compared to some of my local friends here who may or may not have electricity, may only be able to afford meat once or twice a week, and have had multiple family members killed and are in constant worry for their own lives, I’ve got it really good. While most US citizens are probably too spoiled to ever learn anything from seeing how other parts of the world live, I think a lot of folks back home would get the same feeling of how well they have it under these circumstances. Either way, I’m happy with my life and can’t wait to get back home and get on with it.

For now, I’m restless and need to get up and wander around for a bit. It’s a slow day and I’ve been sitting staring at my work computer for hours now, just zoned out.

Totals through Sunday

Miles run: 11.71

Miles donated: 6.35 from Karen (Maryeileen, I can’t remember how many you said and your post didn’t show up, so you’ll have to repost them)

Bible read: thru Deuteronomy Chapter 7 (I know Sug, I’m behind.)

Weight: 216.4 (yup, I put on some pounds — Thanks for all the treats everyone sent!)

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2 Responses to Merry Christmas……6037.01 miles to go

  1. Maryeileen says:

    I did 37.44 on the bike.
    More this week…. I hope!

  2. karen scott says:

    Hi Rod, Sorry to hear that the holiday was “bleh” for you! I know we can’t begin to imagine what life is like for you, so far away from everyone and everything that means something special to you. Belated Christmas wishes to you anyway–Christ has come! Put me down for 3.5 miles last week–yeah, not a whole lot because our daughter is visiting from New Jersey. She leaves tomorrow to go back, so I’ll try get back on track with the exercising again. Blessings to you in the new year.

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