4 months down… 6,055.07 miles to go

It has been almost three weeks since I’ve posted.  As of today we are 4 months down…approximately 8 more to go.  We have travelled about 910 miles in that time.  Something tells me we’re going to be running marathons come the end of Rod’s tour.  Hopefully this semester I’ll have more time to dedicate to running.  The semester came to an end about a week and a half ago and my grades finally came in…I maintained a 3.0 GPA which isn’t the greatest but all things considered, I’m very pleased. 

Drove up to Ohio last Thursday and have been hanging out with my family since which I love to do and haven’t had much time to do since about 2007.  The dogs are finally getting along after a couple of days where Yadier THOUGHT he was the dominant male.  It has been good to relax and get some crafting done too.  I don’t know how you all feel about homemade Christmas presents but those are the ones I love to give the most because they usually mean more. 

As a bit of a belated update, Rod’s papaw passed away last Friday morning after arriving in Arkansas from south Texas the evening before.  Thankfully, we were able to get down to spend time with him a couple of times before Rod deployed.  As heart-breaking as it is that he’s gone, he is in a much better place where his body isn’t being ravaged by illness and pain.  Please pray for his family…that they might find comfort in knowing he rests with Jesus now and we’ll see him again some day.

Christmas is two days away now and I wish Rod were here to celebrate the holiday with me.  Mom, Dad, and I are going to dinner early and then the candlelight service at church.  I love this service most of all because they give you a candle and turn out the lights and go through the whole story of how Jesus was born and what a miracle it was.  Then I’ll watch The Nativity Story and that will break my heart with what wonderful servants of God Joseph and Mary were.  And again, you can see that this plan of God’s was set in to motion long before us humans were aware of a plan.  The census God knew would take place, forcing Joseph and Mary to make the long, difficult journey to Bethlehem to keep the baby Jesus safe.  There is a song that always gives me goosebumps and many singers have recorded it but no one does it better than Reba McEntire…it’s called Mary Did You Know.  Anyway, those are my two traditions on Christmas that I hope to enjoy for years to come. 

Bible Chapters: Leviticus 3 – Deuteronomy 7

I don’t have any words of wisdom or thought-provoking questions over these chapters.  Deuteronomy is where you start getting in to the battles the Jewish people fought to reach their promised land and it becomes difficult to keep up with names and who is king of what land and where they are geographically.  I wish there was a video to watch that showed a geographical representation of the battles.

Miles: 14 miles (pitiful, I know)

LaNiece: 51 miles

Ethan: 3  miles

Karen: 6.95 miles

Merry CHRISTmas!!

-M (172.0)


About Mandy

I am a Christian, a wife, a mother, a business owner, a full-time job worker, and a part-time Soldier.
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One Response to 4 months down… 6,055.07 miles to go

  1. karen scott says:

    Glad to hear from you this week. How did the almond brittle turn out??? I hope o.k. Here’s praying for you, Rod and your whole family a wonderful, blessed Christmas day. Put me down for 6.35 miles for last week. Not so much exercise going on this week, as we’re preparing like everybody else and Jenny is here from Jersey. But I’ll have a few to add for you come the end of the week. Merry Christmas, Mandy.

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