Trudging through the muck…..6130.02 miles to go

So rainy season has hit here. For anyone who hasn’t ever been over here, the sand isn’t really sand. It’s more like powder. So when it is dry, you get dust everywhere and huge sandstorms. When it’s wet, it doesn’t sink into the ground for days. Instead, it turns into a thick gooey mess about the consistency of chocolate pudding. Walking around for a few minutes will add two inches to the bottom of your boots. And as the final kicker, once the stuff on your boots dries, it’s like concrete. It actually hailed for a few minutes last night. I suppose if nothing else the rain is a nice change of pace. At least it kept those jerks from firing any rockets at us, which is always good.

I’m pretty disappointed in the miles I’ve logged in the last month. Once again another week has gone by and my mileage hasn’t gone back up to the weekly totals I was putting up for the first two months before the leg problems started. I think most of it at this point is just sheer lack of motivation. I’m trying to mix up my workout schedule to jumpstart things. Hopefully that will work. Either way, I’m still down one more pound from last week and am now at the weight that I was at when Mandy and I got married. Four more pounds and I’m back to where I was when I left Candidate School at Fort Rucker in June of 2009. Twenty one more to the final goal. I think I should be able to do that before I come home on leave. I hope so anyway. Just gotta get rid of this pesky lack of motivation.

I’m almost through Leviticus. Leviticus to me is one of those books that really makes me glad that Christ was the fulfillment of the scriptures and we don’t have to live by those laws set down for the Israelis anymore. I think if I went to a priest and he told me I would need to sacrifice an unblemished young goat and a dove to atone for having sex with my wife or because it was the “unclean” time of the month for Mandy, I would probably punch the priest in the throat and then let the goat chew on his face while he was laying on the ground gasping for air. Some of that stuff is just incomprehensible to me. But hey, I’m no Moses, so who am I to judge?

Totals through Monday

Miles run: 9.39

Bible read: Through Leviticus chapter 25

Weight: 215.0

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2 Responses to Trudging through the muck…..6130.02 miles to go

  1. karen scott says:

    Yeah, all those Old Testament laws would be tough to follow! Aren’t we glad Christ came to set us free???!!! Add 6.95 miles for me last week. Motivation is hard to find at this end too–I think during the holidays I’d rather eat than do the exercising! Praying for you always.

  2. LaNiece says:

    I have 28 miles for last week and 3 for Ethan …this week I have. 23.

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