New Challenges… 6,139.41 miles to go

Another week has gone by and even though we have passed our 3 month mark, Rod’s homecoming seems years away.  I seriously underestimated how hard this “adventure” was going to be.  Staying busy with random projects, school, church, the doggies, and the National Guard have simply served to make me crazy, stressed, and overwhelmed.  It almost makes time go by even slower and I’ve already begun to grow my white/gray hair back…an attribute I loathe, for my age.  It crosses my mind often how I’ll be when I’ve got one or two kids running around if I’m this stressed under the current circumstance.  My ONLY source of strength has been from God which makes it easy to tell when I’m slipping away because my days get worse and my focus turns inward to self-pity.

Finals are coming up next week but before they come I’ve got two papers and about 4 assignments sitting on my shoulders.  They weigh about what I imagine the whole world must weigh. 

On a good note, I signed up for a gym membership and started off with a taxing (in a good way) spinning/cycling class.  With a minor interruption for drill this last weekend and my tardiness this morning, tomorrow will be my second class.  The instructor is very motivating and at 0530 in the morning, I could always use a little motivation to get my wheels spinning…pun intended!  (I know, I’m fired!) 

This weekend I was asked by my First Sergeant to be considered for the Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year board.  It’s pretty impossible to decline such a request as it’s a sign that your command thinks you’re a good soldier and they want you to represent the unit.  Not bad after only two drills, eh?  Of course I’ll need to get my butt in gear so I can pass not only my Army Physical Fitness Test within the next month but fall within Army Regulations for physical fitness (in other words, lose about 15-20 pounds!). 

Almost forgot, I was accepted into another program for my Master’s degree.  It’s called Educational Technology.  I’ll be starting in January.  It’s an online program through the University of Arkansas that should set me up to become an online instructor, an Information Technology specialist, or a regular teacher (after sitting for my teaching certificate).  It will also allow me to scale back on my course load so my stress level may be lower and will hopefully be able to pick up some days as a substitute teacher.  It’s a long story about what happened with Kinesiology but, in short, it wasn’t going to set me up to be a teacher or researcher which is the whole goal of getting my Master’s. 

Bible Chapters Read: Exodus 15 – Leviticus 2

For this section of reading manna, the Ten Commandments, the precise building specifications of the tabernacle, and the beginning descriptions of offerings are covered.  I have always seen the Levites as the red-headed step-children of the Jews.  They were tasked to be servants and do nothing more than carry the pieces of the tabernacle and the ark from destination to destination.  They were put in charge of the offerings and when they finally reach the land God promised the Jews they didn’t really get a share.  My thoughts of them were always, ‘Poor Levites.  What did they do to deserve to be brought out of slavery in Egypt to be forced into slavery in Israel?’  A little while ago I was thinking about this situation and God gave me a new perspective on what it was like to be a Levi and here is my current conclusion: God CHOSE them to be his servants.  And who cares about earthly land when you’re serving the Great God who led you to freedom, paved your way to a fruitful land, and always gives you enough?!  What greater privilege was there at that time?  Was it hard?  Probably; especially having to break down, carry, and set up the tabernacle…and having to do everything exact.  But then again, our life as Christians isn’t always easy either.  The path of following God is rough and bumpy and sometimes seemingly impossible…until you give it all to Him and TRULY GIVE IT! 

Miles: 5 miles biked

LaNiece: 28 miles

Ethan: 8 miles

Karen: 6.35 miles (Glad you’re feeling better, Karen! We must have had the same nasty bug!)

I love you all.  Thanks for reading!

-M (173.0)


About Mandy

I am a Christian, a wife, a mother, a business owner, a full-time job worker, and a part-time Soldier.
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One Response to New Challenges… 6,139.41 miles to go

  1. LaNiece says:

    I Hope you do good on your finals. We have to get together sometime soon. We miss ya. Anytime you have drill and you want to you need to come spend the night. Love ya!

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