Too soon to be burned out…….6193.76 miles to go

It’s official.  I don’t like this place.  I suppose that has been official for a while now, but this past ten or so days has not been fun.  I’ve spent more time sitting in a bunker waiting for the “all clear” than I have at the gym.  That’s a pretty lame excuse for only having 11 or so miles to log this week….I know.   It’s frustrating though.  Compared to the first two times I was over here, this is definitely the most difficult.  I won’t go into it, but you can’t help but have the feeling of being a sitting duck under the current security agreement.  Especially when your “office” is a tent covered in foam for insulation.

If there is one good thing other than the weight loss that is coming out of this deployment, it’s that my ability to speak Arabic is slowly coming back.  It’s not coming back fast by any means, because I don’t use it all day every day like I did the previous two times, but it is coming back.  I’m hoping I can get back to where I was with it a few years ago by the time I get back.  If I can pass the proficiency test again for it, it’s an extra $200 to $400 bucks a month, which I could definitely put to use.

I’ve made it almost through Exodus in my reading.  I’m behind Mandy, so I no longer have the right to prod her for falling behind. 🙂 I’ve always liked the story of Joseph and his rise to power in Egypt. Some of the other stuff in the early books of the Old Testament is like reading the ingredients on a box of cereal to me; there are plenty of other things I can think of I would rather be reading. This guy begot this guy, who begot these two guys, and the total of his years was reeeaaaaalllllllyyyyyy long. I’m not trying to sound sacreligious or anything; I just don’t take alot away from those passages.

Anyway, hopefully this week will be a little more quiet for us here and I can actually get back on track fully with my running. It’s kind of embarrassing to me that Laniece and Ethan are doing more miles in a week than I am. I have to say, though, I’m reallly proud of Laniece and Ethan for all they are doing. I couldn’t imagine doing 5K’s when I was Ethan’s age. I probably would have passed out after five minutes.

Totals through Saturday:

Miles Run: 4.2

Miles biked: 7

Bible read: through Exodus chapter 23

Weight: 216.2

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2 Responses to Too soon to be burned out…….6193.76 miles to go

  1. karen scott says:

    Hey, Between working and sitting in a bunker, you’re getting a lot of miles in! Add 6.35 for me last week. Finally got back to the gym after the l-o-n-g cold! Prayers abound.

  2. LaNiece says:

    Alot of people praying for you! Keep your head up….we Are so proud of you. Log me for 28 miles and Ethan for 8 or so. He placed 1st in the 5k Saturday. He has a metal he wants to show you when you can Skype us. Love you!!!

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