No running…….

I don’t have any more miles to post since my last entry. I just wanted to ask for a prayer or two. I’m heading to a base with a hospital soon to have some tests done, and I’m really nervous right now.  Hopefully it is nothing or if it is something then it can be taken care of.  Either way, I’m not running right now until I get this taken care of.  I suppose I’ll have to double my daily miles or start doing more on a bike to catch up once everything is good to go.  Anyhow, love you all and thanks for reading and commenting and all the miles you all have logged for me and Mandy so far.  Keep em coming!

P.S.  I’m through the first two chapters of John.  Sug, where are you at?

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2 Responses to No running…….

  1. Maryeileen says:

    I love you/ we love you, and will continue as always to pray for you…and don’t worry, I’m not running either…your leg, my knee, what a pair we are. 😉

    Keep safe sweetheart, we miss you!

  2. karen scott says:

    You are in our prayers here in Florida, Rod. We are praying that a doctor will be able to determine what’s going on and that it will be something easy to fix. Last week was a headache week for me (migraines) so I only got 2.5 miles in at the gym. We’re heading up north to see family tomorrow for another week, but look out, when we get back. I’ll try hard to start adding up more miles! In the meantime, trust, trust, trust in the Lord and He will see you through.

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