Saddam’s revenge…….6,446.22 miles to go

So for three days this weekend I didn’t run a lick.  Didn’t do much of anything other than run from work to the bathroom.   Unfortunately, life over here usually means that a bathroom is anywhere from 50-100 meters away.  I don’t know what I ate or what bug I caught, but I haven’t been sick like that in I don’t know how long.  I’m over it now (for the most part) and I’m about to go start another run here shortly, but hopefully that’s the only time I have to deal with being sick over here.  Luckily Laniece logged a ton of miles to make up for me.  I know she and Ethan did more than what I subtracted for this one, but I can’t remember the exact amount so I’m just going to go with what she wrote on her last comment and then add the other miles in later. 

Groundhog day over here as far as work goes.  That’s fine by me.  I can do without any unexpected events and excitement.  It looks as if I spoke too soon about Mandy coming over here.  I should have known to talk it over with her first before I opened my big yapper and said no way would I let her.  Anyway, all I ask is an extra prayer that she’ll make the right decision about school versus coming over here to work.  If I try to force her to stay home and that’s not God’s will, then I’m just in the way of what He has planned for her.  I won’t deny that the money sounds nice.  I just want to make sure that my wife is not in harm’s way.  If she ends up in the place that we are 99% certain that the job requires, she’s probably safer there than on campus at U of A, sad as that is to say.  Anyway, we’ll know soon enough I suppose.

Totals through Sunday

Miles run: 3.67 in 33 minutes

Miles donated: 30 from Laniece (can’t have someone logging more than me, I gotta pick up the pace…)

Bible read: Through Timothy Chapter 1

Weight: 221.2  (that is 20 pounds lost in under 2 months; I’m almost halfway there)

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One Response to Saddam’s revenge…….6,446.22 miles to go

  1. karen scott says:

    Hey Rod, I was down with something too last week, (not nearly so bad as yours–just a bit of sore throat, etc.) so only got 2.75 miles logged for the week. Will do better this week though! Keep up the good work on the weight loss! You’re doing great!

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