Hanging in……..6479.89 miles to go

First, I want to apologize that my previous posts came across as overly critical of Mandy.  I intended it to be playful jabs and nothing more.  I didn’t realize just how hard it is on her right now and I’ll be more cognizant of that in the future.

I do have a verse for her though:

Phillipians 4:13 —  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Things are going okay over here.  Normal I guess would be the only way to describe it.  I was discussing with one of my soldiers today that it feels like we’ve kind of hit a wall here.  There for a while the days were just flying by.  Now they seemed to have slowed a bit.  It goes through phases.  My first time over here was the same way.  Just gotta be patient and wait for the next round of time flying.  Most of my adult life I have wished for more time and wished that time could slow down.  Not right now, though.   This is one of those periods I just want to get over with as fast as possible.

……and no more leaving the bunker for snacks, Sug.  😉

Totals through Tuesday

Miles run: 7.01 in 66 minutes

Miles dontated: 6 from Karen

Weight: 223.6

Bible read:  Through Colossians chapter 4

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One Response to Hanging in……..6479.89 miles to go

  1. LaNiece says:

    I biked 12 miles Monday, ran 1 mile and did 3 miles on elliptical Tuesday, ran 2 miles and biked 12 miles today! Love you Rod! The kids loved getting to talk to you on Skype, they thought it was sooo cool! Ethan drew and colored you a really cool Razorback. Will mail it to you.

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