Some days you just give up……6534.36 miles to go

…..Kinda like today.  I’m back in my room about three or four hours earlier than usual tonight.  Part of the reason is I have an early morning tomorrow.  Part of the reason is that today was just one of those days where nothing is going to go right and I’ve just decided to quit fighting it.  I stopped my run tonight after 13 minutes when my fat hand bumped the emergency stop which automatically terminates your stats for the run and forces you to start over.  It would have been easy enough to just plug the stuff back in and start over, but at that point I just took it to mean that I needed to go get ready for bed and try to get some sleep before the next day starts.  I won’t bore anyone with the details of the rest of the day, I’ll simply assume that everyone has had days where nothing huge goes wrong, but every little thing that can go wrong….does.  Honestly, though, considering the circumstances, I thank God that things are good enough over here that I can consider a day like this to be one of the bad ones.  Bottom line, I’m alive and healthy and not complaining.

Sug got an email about a job opening doing her old job back in Kuwait.  110 grand.  Unfortunately she is missing one small thing that will probably prevent her from doing it.  From her message, I gather that she has applied for the same position in Iraq (which pays a good amount more).  Nope,  not gonna happen.  No need to worry, Sherry.  I would never willingly allow her to put herself in harm’s way.  We had no choice with me being over here.  We do have a choice with her.  If anything were ever to happen to her, I couldn’t live with myself.  The money is not worth the risk.  We do fine with what we have.  Plus, she needs to finish her Master’s so that I’ll be forced to finish mine when I get home.  Can’t have some silly woman of mine being more edjumacated than me!

Totals for the last four days

Miles run: 8.59 in 77 minutes

Weight: 225.8 (I passed tape and am no longer considered fat by Army standards)

Bible read:  Thru Ephesians chapter 2 (I have to let Sug catch up.  She either reads on a first grade level or is a heathen.  Either way, she’s behind.)

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One Response to Some days you just give up……6534.36 miles to go

  1. LaNiece says:

    I ran 4 miles on Tuesday, biked 8 Wednesday, ran 4 Thursday. Love you! Call me when you can. Got a camera and Mic set up now.

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