Long way to go……6561.71 miles to go

The runs are starting to get a little easier.  Partly because I took a couple of days off this week, partly because I have new, cushiony shoes, and partly because I have dropped some weight and am finally getting into better shape.  I’m still not even close to where I want to be yet.  One of the guys I work with is a stark reminder of how far off I am.  He used to be a middle distance runner at West Point.  I hopped on a treadmill next to him a few days back and saw that he had run for about twenty minutes and he was finishing up.  No big deal.  Only he had run four miles in that twenty minutes.  Ridiculous.  Granted, I probably outweigh him by 80 pounds or so, but I’d probably have taken him and locked him in a closet full of dead rats for sheer meanness if he wasn’t such a good guy.  I’ll probably never be able to run a five minute mile.  But if nothing else it’s a bit of inspiration and something to shoot for.

On another note, the days continue to tick away.  Still a long way to go in that department as well.  But it helps that I have Skype.  No matter what time I finish up for the day, I can take ten minutes or so before I go to bed to call Mandy.  It gives me something to look forward to throughout the day and cheers me up before I knock out for the night (or morning, as it usually is by the time I get to bed).  I remember the first four weeks at Fort Rucker in 2009 when I had no phone priveleges and couldn’t call anyone.  That was sheer misery.  There is no way I would be able to handle this place if I couldn’t call home regularly.

I suppose I’ll close for now.  I’ve still got a ton of work left to do and I’d like to be in bed by 0400, hopefully.

Totals through Sunday

Miles run: 8.05 in 74 minutes

Miles donated: 16 (6 from Karen, 10 from Grandpa Williams)

Bible read:  thru 2nd Corinthians chapter 7

Weight: 226.6  (lowest since about Christmas)

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One Response to Long way to go……6561.71 miles to go

  1. laniece1976 says:

    Hey! Ran my 5k on Saturday, so put me down for 3 miles. It was behind creekmore park and it was for cancer survivors. I ran for Grandmommy and mark’s mom. I did ok I guess. Definitely need to improve though. 🙂

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