Sug was right……..6601.26 miles to go

Earlier in the week Mandy and I had a frank exchange over the amount of strain I have been putting on myself witht the runs.  My body isn’t used to this much right now, as bad as that is for some one in my profession.  She encouraged me to slow it down a bit and give my body more of a chance to heal itself.  I told her I was tired of being this heavy and that I was fine.  A discussion ensued.  Nothing nasty or angry, but we didn’t agree.  I should have listened in the first place.  Last night I decided she was right and took the night off.  My knee has not felt right and my calf has been noticeably swollen.  It definitely feels better today.   For now, I’m going to replace my runs on Wednesday with the stationary bike for the same amount of time just to ease the impact on my legs for one more day out of the week.  Perhaps once I’ve lost another 10 or 20 pounds I’ll go back to the running.  But for now, I’ll listen to my wife, who is getting a Master’s in just this type of thing……..

On another note, I don’t like it here.  Not one bit.

Totals through Tuesday

Miles run: 3.61 in 32 minutes

Miles donated: 22.06 (Laniece – 8 bike, 6.5 running)(Karen 5.3)(Maryeileen 2.98)

Weight: 229.4

Bible read:  Thru Corinthians chapter 7

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5 Responses to Sug was right……..6601.26 miles to go

  1. laniece1976 says:

    If you want to log my miles, I biked 8 miles and ran 2 on Wed. Doing my first 5 k Saturday! Hope I do good, been training. Can’t wait for you to come home! Miss ya!

  2. Drenchpa says:

    There was this old geezer (we’ll call him ‘drenchpa’) who went to his doctor one day, and said:
    “Help me Doc !! I got this terrible, terrible pain in my right arm that’s just about killin’ me. Every time I try to rais my arm above my head, it hurts real bad. I’ll pay almost anything for it to stop. PLEASE HELP me !!!”

    His old doctor said:
    “QUIT raising your arm. —- That’ll be $500.00 please”
    I have been married to Grandma now for almost fifty-five years.
    And one thing that sometimes aggravates me is knowing that:
    My wife is not right ALL the time, but ALMOST all the time.

    LOVE YOU BOTH, Drenchpa

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