Crushed……..6635.65 miles to go

Well, I had hoped this post would be congratulating THE Ohio State University on their new number one ranking, but unfortunately, Arkansas fell apart against Alabama and killed that one.  Oh well.  Luckily I am over here where there are more important things to worry about or otherwise I would probably still be down over the loss.  Mandy got to go to her first game, and I think she now knows fully what it is to be a Razorback fan.  It’s like a kick to the groin most of the time.  I’m glad she got to go to the game though.  Now I just need to go see a game in Columbus.

Anyway, I made it under 230 pounds on Saturday.  So that means my total weight loss for the first month since I left (OH YEAH!  I FORGOT, one month down, eleven, maybe eight, maybe fourteen to go….) is just over eleven pounds.  I started the trip at 241.  My goal is 47 pounds total, so I’ve still got thirty six to go.  At this pace, though, that should not be a problem.  Maybe I can lose all the weight needed by mid-tour R&R and then start focusing on running faster or something else after that.  Either way, I plan on being so thin that I’m almost unrecognizable by the time I get home. 

It’s almost three in the morning here right now.  Long day.  No running today though, thank goodness.  It’s Sunday.  Well, Monday now technically, but whatever.  My knee was getting balky again by the end of this week and my left calf had swollen up again.  Hopefully by the time I run tomorrow it has gone back down.  I really just hope losing the weight stops it from being an issue eventually.  I know alot of the problems I experience in my knees and ankles are directly related to the fact that I am carrying around this much weight.  For now, though, time to give Sug a quick call and head to sleep.  Tomorrow is another busy day.

Totals for the past four days

Miles run: 10.95 in 103 minutes

Miles donated: 17 (Laniece – 10 on the bike, 7 running) I didn’t miss any other miles did I, Sug?

Weight 229.4

Bible read: Through Romans 9 (Still behind, will have to read back through old posts to calculate how much I need to catch up…)

One other note I wanted to bring up, Paul was definitely a former Pharisee.  His writing (yes, I know it is a translation) is so over the top and showy at times that it’s almost too much.  I’m not at all knocking the message, but it in some places reminds me of where Jesus talks about them (the Pharisees) making long winded prayers.  I suppose he’s at a minimum very thorough in his explanations.  Just my two cents…..

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3 Responses to Crushed……..6635.65 miles to go

  1. Drenchpa says:

    My thoughts:
    Yes, Saul (Paul) was a Pharisee.
    Note Acts 22: 3-5.
    Most of his younger life he was ‘thoroughly trained according to the Law’ by Gamaliel, the most honored Rabbi of the first century.
    In short, Saul was a ‘hit-man’ for the Sanhedrin.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers, Drenchpa

  2. karen scott says:

    Hi, I think I forgot to add my miles to your total for last week. Mark off 5.3 for me for the week. And hey, great job on the weight loss so far. You’ll make it! Karen

  3. laniece1976 says:

    I did 3 miles running Saturday, 8 miles bike Monday, 3.5 miles running Tuesday. Hope you are doing good. Miss ya!

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