Through the fire… 6,663.60 miles to go

Well, I ran 4 miles yesterday and rode my bike 11.41 miles today.  It felt good to get out on my bike today.  It’s getting a little easier to get up the hills and the back side of the hills are good for pickin’ up speed.  Still don’t know what to do about the dogs chasing me though…I’m thinking pepper spray or an air horn (the latter may just tick them off even more though).

 Tuesday morning I woke up with one of the hymns from church in my head.  It was a light, up beat tune that lifted my spirits a bit.  I started thinking about other Christian music that makes me happy and I immediately thought of Randy Travis.  On the way to school I turned on my iPod and walked to class listening to all of his Christian music (yes, Randy Travis does Christian too!).  One of my favorites is “How Great Thou Art” because he keeps it very traditional/hymn-like but sings it in a way that gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.  As I kept walking I came across a song of his that I’d forgotten about that has, once again, spoken to me…it’s called “Through The Fire.”  I’m not sure if this is an original Randy Travis song or not but I thought I’d put the lyrics up here so you all could get a glimpse of this beautiful song. 

So many times I’ve questioned certain circumstances
Or things I could not understand
Many times in trials, weakness blurs my vision
And my frustrations get so out of hand
It’s then I am reminded I’ve never been forsaken
I’ve never had to stand the test alone
As I look at all the victories, the Spirit rises up in me
It’s through the fire my weakness is made strong

He never promised the cross would not get heavy and the hill would not be hard to climb
He never offered victory without fighting but He said help would always come in time
Just remember when you’re standing in the valley of decision and the adversary says give in
Just hold on, our Lord will show up and He will take you through the fire again

I know within myself that I would surely perish
But if I trust the hand of God, He’ll shield the flames again

That’s really all I’ve got to say today.  I’m a couple of chapters behind in our reading but I’ll catch up tomorrow morning and hopefully have time to write tomorrow afternoon/night.

– M (174.0)


About Mandy

I am a Christian, a wife, a mother, a business owner, a full-time job worker, and a part-time Soldier.
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2 Responses to Through the fire… 6,663.60 miles to go

  1. karen scott says:

    What great words! I’ve never heard this song, but I can tell you, Mandy, they gave a lift to my morning. Thanks. Karen

  2. laniece1976 says:

    Reading Rod’s last post makes me want to cry, but this one helps a little. I’m praying for you guys. Love you both! Also, I did 10 miles on bike Monday, ran 4 on Tuesday, and ran 3 on Wednesday.

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