Feeling inquisitive….6753.28 miles to go

So during the last few days reading, I came across the five references in the Gospel of John to “the disciple whom Jesus loved.”  It’s not in the other Gospels, so I had always assumed it referred to John, the author, and never gave it much thought after that.  I decided to look it up for myself earlier and was absolutely blown away at the sheer number of theories there are regarding this subject.   One of the leading of course, is that it is John, the author, but there are plenty more – some more heretical than others.  There is even quite a debate among scholars as to whether John is the true author of the Gospel of John and the Book of Revelations, as well as the three Epistles he is credited with authoring. 

Even in days where my Christianity did not show as well as it should have in my life, I always considered myself to be knowledgeable in Biblical matters.  Having had four years of Christian Doctrine study at Subiaco, I was well versed in the scripture and thought I had a good grasp.  Boy, do I have a lot left to think about and learn!  I’m not saying I want to join the ranks of the heretics and blasphemers; I simply want to delve further into Christian theology and learn more about what certain things may have meant in the context of their day. I want know the different theories and debates there are surrounding thousands of items in the Bible.  I want to come to my own conclusions based on my knowledge and how the Spirit moves me, rather than be fed my beliefs.  I love studying Biblical prophecy to begin with, and now my curiosity is piqued for more.

I suppose I’ll hush for now.  Would love to know what you thought or if you even noticed the references Sug.  I’ll be calling you here in about ten mikes or so.

Total for the past two days

Miles run: 6.42 in 62 minutes

Miles donated: 18 (Laniece on the bike)

Weight: 233.8

Bible Read: John 17-21, Acts 1-3

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One Response to Feeling inquisitive….6753.28 miles to go

  1. Drenchpa says:

    Hey y’all !!
    I don’t know which of you two is keepin’ track of the total miles run, BUT
    put me down for ten (10) miles walked.
    I know it ain’t much, but it should help a little.
    Love ya both, Gramps

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