Pretty tired, Sug, pretty tired…..6822.72 miles to go

Been a pretty busy and eventful last couple of days. Haven’t gone to bed before 0300 since Thursday and probably gonna be up that late again tonight. I’m writing this right now because I needed a break and the miles were kind of piling up from donations so I thought I would go ahead and knock them out. I’ve got donations from Karen, Ethan, and Laniece. Should have some coming in from Nick shortly. I better have some coming in from Nick shortly. Lucky for my legs today is Sunday and thus my day off from working out. I don’t think I could have forced myself to run today.

On the Bible front, we’ve started into John. I don’t have any profound insight into the first eight chapters. Just an anecdote. I enjoy the differences in all the Gospels, but I never liked John growing up. When I was a kid we would always read Luke at my Mamaw and Papaw’s house on Christmas Eve. John doesn’t contain the Nativity Story, and that for some reason made me prejudiced against it. Probably because at the time it was cutting out the story about the reason I was about to be opening presents. Now though, I enjoy the different perspective it provides.

Totals for Sat/Sun

Miles run: 4.30 in 41 minutes

Miles donated: 10 (Laniece)
5.5 (Karen)
3 (Ethan)

Weight: 235.4

Bible read: John 1-8

Episodes of X-files I made it through before falling asleep: 0

Back to work……..

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