Happy as one can be over here……6845.52 miles to go

I got a chance to make a handful of phone calls today, so I’m feeling pretty good right now. I also, after what was effectively a two day lay-off, got back into the gym today. I did 5.81 miles on the bike to loosen up my legs and 3.20 miles on the treadmill. The knee held up really well once I got going into the run, so I’m feeling good about that as well. The only problem was that because of work, I ended up going to the gym at around four in the afternoon. Most people in a combat zone still work shifts and are getting off work around this time. Me…I got in about 0800 this morning and it is now 0200 and I’m still at work. But when I cut out to get some gym time at four (1600), the gym was packed with people. There were so many knuckleheads crowding the wall that has the mirror space on it that I didn’t even get a chance to even think about lifting weights after my run. It took almost half an hour just to get a treadmill to begin with. It’s funny to watch some people at the gym, how they flock to the mirrors and just can’t work out without being in front of one. Made me want to just get out of there and go do my run outside, but then I remembered it was 115 out today and there are long stretches on the running road that don’t have bunkers, so I stayed inside.

Anyway, I didn’t finish my four chapters today. I’m going to get that done before I head to bed though. I did want to add to the passage that Mandy talked about though. If God does not give us in marriage in the afterlife, heaven and being like the angels must be wonderful, because if it ain’t and I can’t have my wife, I might just get in line at the complaint department. Just kidding. Even if we aren’t married in heaven though, I’m still gonna follow Mandy around and irritate her as much as possible.

Totals for Friday

Miles run: 3.20 in 31 minutes

Miles biked: 5.81 in 10 minutes

Weight: 236.2 (Clothed, no shoes)

Bible read: Luke 21-24 (or will have read within the next twenty minutes)

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2 Responses to Happy as one can be over here……6845.52 miles to go

  1. laniece1976 says:

    Rod you would be so proud of Ethan! He did his first triathlon today and did great! He had a bike wreck and still finished strong. He was first out of the pool. For your miles you can log Ethan 3 miles and me 10. Love you!

  2. Rod says:

    Sweet. Tell Ethan I said I’m proud of him.

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