Feeling the effects……6870.17 miles to go

So I had to cut tonight’s run short. I am not sure what the issue is – either residual effects from an old knee injury or the beginnings of shin splints – but under my left knee my leg is swollen. The calf is fine, it’s more around the front and it just didn’t feel right running on it. It looks weird, too, as my left leg is noticeably larger from the knee down than my right leg right now. It’s not terribly painful at this point, but I figured I’d stop after one mile rather than push it to the point where it really did hurt and set me back days or weeks. I’ll try again tomorrow I suppose.

I spent three days in Baghdad recently. I was on the base complex where I was stationed in 2004-2005. A lot has changed. It’s really……nice…..up there. I’ll have to take a camera with me the next time I go up there and take some pictures of Saddam’s palaces and the lakes he built. It was a good break. I was on a bird (blackhawk) both ways. A lot of people each time before I have come over here told me “stay off the helicopters.” Honestly though, until they start planting roadside bombs in clouds, I’ll take a chopper over a ground vehicle any day of the week. Plus, as nervous as it still makes me at times to get on one, it can be a fun ride. Beats the heck out of sweltering inside of an armored vehicle going 35 miles an hour down a crowded Iraqi highway.

As Mandy previously posted, we got to spend our first anniversary apart. Not fun. Hope it never happens again. But I did get Mandy her present in the mail today first thing. Unfortunately, none of you will ever see it. Ever. That’s all I have to say about that. On another note, I love my wife and thank God every day for sending me such a wonderful woman. The fact that she’s beautiful is just icing on the cake. Now if she would only stop getting so irritated when I crunch ice or eat something crunchy…….

We’ve gotten into Luke here the past few days. Just a couple of verses that speak to me and better speak to Mrs. Nervousbob Worrypants:

Luke 12:6-7
“Are not five sparrows sold for two copper coins? And not one of them is forgotten before God. But the very hairs of your head are numbered. Do not fear, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.”

Luke 12:25
“And which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?”

Sug, relax. I’m gonna be ok. Be home soon enough I suppose.

Totals for previous 4 days:

Miles run: 7.68 in 72 minutes

Weight: Scale is broken, check back later

Bible read: Luke 1-16

Anniversaries missed: 1

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2 Responses to Feeling the effects……6870.17 miles to go

  1. Mom Deerfoot says:

    One question…….are you sure the scales are broken? I ask because that’s what I’ve been saying for years and Terry doesn’t believe me! Hee Hee!! All kidding aside, Terry and I have bought a couple of bikes and took them to a local park to see what we could do on the bike path. We ended up riding 4 1/2 miles each, for a total of 9 miles. It was a good start, we plan to continue when Terry gets back from Atlanta. SO at this point, please mark us down for 9 miles.

  2. laniece1976 says:

    Love you Rod! Sounds exciting What you do for a living. Sorry you missed your anniversary. You can spend the rest of your life making it up. We miss you and think about you everyday!

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