End of the first full week……6900.85 miles to go

So while I have been gone for almost two weeks now, it is the end of the first full week inside Iraq. I think I am going to be ok. I know I am going to come home in much better shape, both physically and spiritually. Crud, as I write this I realize I haven’t finished my 4 chapters today. Ok, that will get done right now. BRB. Okey dokey smokey. Book of Mark, done. Tomorrow I start Luke. Coincidentally, tomorrow is also Sunday and a rest day from running. As good as I feel having run so many days straight, I am going to allow myself to take Sundays off so my body can rest and properly heal.

I’m trying to eat healthier and develop better habits while I’m down here as far as nutrition. One thing that I have trouble with is sweets after dinner. I love me some ice cream and cake and all the other stuff. My new best friend who keeps me from getting this stuff is Jello. Plain old ten calorie per serving jello. Works pretty good. I imagine there may still be days when I want to splurge, but the Jello at least keeps those cravings to a minimum for now. As Mandy can tell anyone, the food over here is great if you are on a base and not out eating MREs. One thing the Army does in wartime is make sure the soldiers are well fed. That can be a blessing and a curse as you do see quite a few people over here with no discipline and expanding waistlines. Not gonna happen to me though.

Anyway, off to bed for now. Early start tomorrow.

Totals for Saturday

Miles run: 4.07 in 40:00

Bible read: Mark 13-16

Weight: 236

Sug, you’re slacking off!

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