Fall is here… 6,888.98 miles to go

I’M NO SLACKER!!!  Okay, so maybe I’ve been slacking a bit on writing on the blog but I have certainly not been slacking on running.  Yesterday evening Maryeileen and I ran 4 miles (2 miles each), today she ran 2.87 miles and got home and rode her bike for one mile.  I ran 4 miles today…for a grand total of 11.87 miles ran/biked in the last 24 hours!  We’ve broken the 6,900 mark!!!  YAY!! 

Thankfully the time has gone by relatively fast so far.  School has been a welcome distraction from the chaos that is my life.  I put together a puzzle of Grand Central Station the other day just to give me something else to do aside from school work and watching television.  If only I could not sleep at night and still be able to function…I COULD DO SO MANY MORE ACTIVITES!! 

 I got the truck detailed yesterday so I could park it and put the cover on it.  Rod and I have put so many miles on it over the last year it’s scary.  Problem is, when I got it home it looked so good it was hard to force myself to pack it away.  Can’t believe it’s already 5pm here.  The Razorback game starts in about an hour…WOO PIG SOOIEE!! 😀

I finished Mark today.  I really like the book of Mark, as I do all of the gospel books but I’m looking forward to start Luke tomorrow.  It’s the same stories as in Matthew and Mark but with a different spin on them.  My Acheological Study Bible gives a narration of what the author, Luke, was like.  It says he was well educated in Greek culture and a physician by profession (which is not quite like the physicians we have today).  He was also not directly a follower of Jesus but one of Paul’s most loyal followers.  What I found interesting is that Luke was not a direct follower of Jesus Christ but a follower of Paul.  Anyone have an opinion as to why this book would have been considered pure enough to keep in the Bible??

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I am a Christian, a wife, a mother, a business owner, a full-time job worker, and a part-time Soldier.
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One Response to Fall is here… 6,888.98 miles to go

  1. Mom Deerfoot says:

    I’m so sorry you two aren’t together on your first anniversary but we’re still wishing you both a good day and praying for you both. Dad and I finally started moving a little. We went for a really short bike ride yesterday (1.16 miles, that’s 2.32 miles together) We really enjoyed ourselves! Thanks for motivating us.

    We love you both, you are in our prayers, please stay safe.
    Mom D.

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