Feelin better……6904.92 miles to go

Just an update because I need to get back to work real quick. Got to talk Mandy and Mom and Dad yesterday. Still waiting on Nick to quit being a loser and email me his phone number so I can give him a call. I’ll try to make more calls as time permits. I finally have a mailing address. My wonderful wife can give it to anyone who needs it. My body is day by day getting less sore, and I have yet to take a day off. I added in the stationary bike to loosen up my legs and I think that has helped. At first I was thinking the stationary bike was going to be too easy to add miles, so I wasn’t even going to count them even though Mandy and I agreed that we would count biking. Then I tried the cardio button that adds resistance to keep your heart rate at a certain target (mine was 151). Those miles definitely count. Anyhoo, that’s it for now. More later hopefully.

Totals for Thursday and Friday

Miles run: 5.34 in 50 minutes

Miles biked: 12.61

Bible read: Mark 5-12

Forgot to weigh in on both days……

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2 Responses to Feelin better……6904.92 miles to go

  1. Maryeileen says:

    You are making me feel sooooooo Flippin’ Weak!……Geez, you’d think you were in the Army or something!

    I love and miss you sweetheart, I love having Mandy here too.
    It’s nice to have someone kick your butt in such a pleasent and incouraging way, I don’t think I could try to fix myself without her!!!! You did good!

    I love you, be safe. xoxo

  2. Rod says:

    Miss you guys too. You’d better be nagging your husband to make his way outside for a bit of exercise daily!

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