Good food, good company… 6,933.13 miles to go

Classes were good today!  I finally felt like I knew what the professor was saying, for the most part.  I’ll still have a bit of reading and studying to do to get the concepts completely but at least it’s not 100% foreign anymore!  I will make it through my Exercise Physiology class!

I didn’t run today but I wanted to subtract Josh’s mile from the total.  I was able to get in to see a chiropractor today but because it was so last-minute I didn’t have time to run between class and the appointment.  After the appointment I started dinner…

Tonight was my night to make dinner.  Can’t believe how much I missed cooking.  Mom had sent me an “Edible Arrangements” package of fruit and kale was the “garnish”.  When I took the arrangement apart I saw the kale and immediately thought of using it for an awesome soup recipe that Mom always makes.  So, tonight I made it…and even though it was more of an adult recipe (what kid likes kale?!) Everett and Emma dug in and seemed to really like it.  I must admit it was a bit odd to eat soup when it’s 90 degrees outside but the kale would have gone bad by the time it got cooler.  🙂

There are so many good parables narrated in Matthew 21-28.  The description of Jesus’ persecution, death, and resurrection are, obviously, the most moving to me.  Every time I read over these events my heart aches for Jesus.  I am a sinner and can’t imagine what Jesus must have been thinking/going through.  Knowing you’re going to die the horrifyingly painful death that he suffered would make anyone nervous.  If it were me, I’d probably miracle myself out of it and punish those who tried to persecute me…thank goodness the world’s salvation doesn’t rest on my shoulders!!  Here is my one question…What do you think made Judas betray Jesus?? 

M (176.4).


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I am a Christian, a wife, a mother, a business owner, a full-time job worker, and a part-time Soldier.
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3 Responses to Good food, good company… 6,933.13 miles to go

  1. Mom Deerfoot says:

    MONEY!!! The source of much sin. And to think that Judas was the moneykeeper for the disciples. He must have paid more attention to the money than he did to Jesus’ teachings. I agree with you, my heartbreaks anytime I think of what Jesus went through and it was all for us. I just can’t imagine following Jesus and then turning my back on him.

    The soup looked wonderful! But what a tease for Rod.

    Take care and God bless.
    Mom D.

  2. karen scott says:

    Hi Mandy, I agree with your Mom. Judas loved money more than he loved Jesus. We need to be careful in these days lest we too love money (and the stuff it buys) more than we love our Lord. I’m not walking this week as I messed up my lower back over last weekend but am hoping to get back to it next week. Did you add in my three miles from last week? Praying for you both, Karen

  3. Maryeileen says:

    Yes, the soup was VERY “Lummy Tummy”…….that’s Emmaspeak for yummy tummy.

    I think I’m going to like “Mandy Cooking Night”……I get a day off and still have the pleasure of good food in my belly!!!!


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