Getting a feel for things…..6943.66 miles to go

     This is going to be short.  I mainly just want to log my miles for Sunday.  I did 3.23 miles in 30 minutes.  Sug, I noticed you dropped the decimal from the earlier post, but I’m putting it back in!  🙂   Since I will be doing a lot of my running on the treadmill, I’m going to have days with decimals and I want those fractions of miles to be counted!  Over 50+ weeks of daily running, those fractions are going to eat up a ton of miles…..

     It has now been one week since I left.  It has really flown thanks to not really having any time to sit down and relax.  Hopefully the remainder of the deployment will go this fast, but either way there is a long way to go and I know Mandy and I can still use the prayer and support.  I’m getting more of a feel for things here.  The heat isn’t nearly as bothersome anymore, and hopefully as I drop weight it will get even less bothersome.  I suppose since Mandy is floating her weight out there for the world to see I will do the same on my posts from now on.  I started at 241, just to give you an idea of just how tubby I have gotten.  The end state upon return WILL BE under 195 pounds.

     On another note, Razorback football starts this weekend!  Hopefully that can be a decent distraction and something to look forward to throughout each week.  Then again, they could let me down and be plain terrible.  I suppose I’d have to root for the Buckeyes at that point, but I get the feeling that OSU rolling through the Big Ten this year may be a little like Mike Tyson fighting a 10 year old.  Probably not gonna be much of a contest. 😉

Weight as of Sunday: 236 lbs

Bible read: Matthew 17-20

Miles run: 3.23

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2 Responses to Getting a feel for things…..6943.66 miles to go

  1. Mom Deerfoot says:

    GO BUCKS!!! OH – IO!! YeeHaw!

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