No More Excuses… 6,947 miles to go

So the night before last I was taking Rod’s big Craftsman toolbox out of my truck (with Josh’s help) and, as usual, I didn’t take into account the step on my tailgate that was extended.  My leg slid down one of the corners, which was incredibly uncomfortable.  By the time I got back in the house there was blood streaming down my leg (no exaggeration…ask Josh and Maryeileen)!  Of course, I had to take a picture to show you all…purdy nasty!

Today was fantastically uneventful!  I was finally able to get laundry done, my room cleaned, and some other things around the house done.  Having a clean room always helps me concentrate on my school work.  I finally feel like things are calming down even though I’ve still got a lot to do.  I went for a run today (3 miles) and took a different route that included a nice-sized hill.  Rod and I used to run up a really steep hill when we were in Arizona and we loved it.  I mean, we hated it at first but once we got good at running it, it was great!  I’m hoping the same happens for the hill I ran today.  Over the last week I have only ran 8 miles (3 times).  I used the excuses that I was adjusting and needed time to get settled before I would start a more habitual workout schedule.  That time is now.  My diet is also going to get a make-over.  Rod and I quit drinking soda the week before he left.  It makes us feel too bloated and dehydrated.  The delicious taste of Dr. Pepper is no longer worth the side effects.  Fast food is also banned, although, I did indulge in a Whataburger before leaving Texas.  On top of my diet and exercise changes I will also be recording my weight daily. 

I read chapters 13-16 in Matthew today.  I already commented on the Canaanite woman under Rod’s earlier post.  The most meaningful section in the reading, to me, was in Chapter 14 when Jesus walks on water.  Over the last week my life has definitely been like the water that Jesus walked on…large, unforgiving swells, crashing down into the boat…and my boat was taking on water.  Even though Jesus called for me to walk on the water with him I sank by not keeping my focus on Him.  Life can be an overwhelming sea of emotion and chaos and it was refreshing to read about Jesus calling Peter onto the water and pulling him up when he cried out for help.  I can’t count how many times I’ve had to call out to God to pull me back out of the water and tonight surely won’t be the last. 

Til then… M (178.2).


About Mandy

I am a Christian, a wife, a mother, a business owner, a full-time job worker, and a part-time Soldier.
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One Response to No More Excuses… 6,947 miles to go

  1. Grandpa & Grandma Williams says:

    Hang in there, Skeezicks!!!
    By the way: I attempted to send a comment to Rods’ question about the Canaanite woman.
    Should I send those messages onto the WEBSITE or your e-mail ???
    LOVE YA, drenchpa

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