At my new home…..6957 miles to go.

     This is going to be a brief of the last four whirlwind days.  Started with wheels up from Killeen at 630 in the morning on Monday.  Flew into Bangor, Maine (which I really love – gonna have to go there for a real visit sometime) for a two hour stop and then off to Iforgetwhere, Germany.  Two hours in the airport in Germany taught me two things.  One, check to make sure the bottled water you are buying is not carbonated.  Two, when you go back to buy another bottle of water because the first one was carbonated, be prepared to find out that German water tastes  like it was filtered through a pair of dirty socks.  Gross.  Anyway, after that it was off to Kuwait city, then a few hours by bus to the base in Kuwait.

     Once in Kuwait, we spent two miserable days packing two weeks worth of training into less than 48 hours so I could head up north with the advance party.  I did manage to get four miles of running in while in Kuwait though.  It was more to loosen up my body after all the travel and walking around with 40+ pounds of gear on in 125 degree heat than for exercise purposes though.   After two nights in Kuwait, it was time to pack up and fly up north to Baghdad.  It took SO long to get there.  Most of the time was spent sitting and waiting.  Waiting on the buses to leave, waiting on the plane to take off.  Waiting to get our tents once we did finally get in.  The whole time we are in full battle rattle so I’m sweating so bad that it literally looks like someone dumped a bucket of water on my uniform. 

     We spent one night in Baghdad and then the next day we convoyed out to my new home.  It was another lovely, two-hour, sweat filled adventure.  If you had told me that I would be able to down three 1.5 liter bottles of water and another 1 liter camelback in a two hour span and not only not need to go to the bathroom but still be thirsty, before yesterday I would have said you were crazy.  Today, I am a believer. 

     Anyway, I am trying to get settled as we speak.  I did just get to finally speak to Mandy over Skype.  I miss her so bad and I’m already counting the days until I get home.  I’ll try to make more calls as time permits.  For now, I am going to start chapters 13-16 of the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Matthew.  Right now I don’t have any profound insight on the first twelve chapters — I’m just too tired.  I’ll just say that there is nothing in the world that exists that I could read hundreds of times and still enjoy reading it and still learn from it other than the Gospels.

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