Ordinary to Most, Extraordinary to Some… 6,964 miles to go

Where to begin… It has been three of the hardest days I’ve had in a very long time.  I have nothing to compare them to really as I’ve never been in my situation before.  Of course, the night Rod left was the hardest night of them all.  I finally got back to the hotel to find our dogs anxiously awaiting both of our returns.  By the time I got to bed it was 0430…that’s 4:30am for you non-military folks! ;).  Knowing I had some serious unpacking to do I got up at 0730 to pack up the truck and hit the road for Arkansas.  I didn’t want to be in Texas if Rod wasn’t.  Loading up the truck took a lot longer than I thought…it’s amazing what you accumulate over a week!  Once on the road I talked on the phone just about all the way to Fayetteville which, of course, made the time go by rather quickly.  Getting out of the truck in Arkansas made everything final…this is going to be my home until Rod comes home.  It was a pretty empty feeling until Josh came out of the house to greet me.  The night was a restless one, not knowing if Rod was safe or where he was but I had been able to get settled enough to be able to get to class with matching shoes, clean clothes, paper, and pen. 

Classes started at 0800 the next morning.  I won’t even go into how that went (this is a public site and all).  What I will say is that no where in my presumptions of graduate school at a LARGE university were name games and giggly “athletes”.  It seems the kinesiology graduate program is just another place washed-up jocks go to prolong getting jobs and growing up with life experiences (outside of the experiences they gain from all those 40-ounce curls).  I think the army has made me a bit cynical toward athletes in general.  There are some superior athletes in the world but I don’t think college athletics should define you.  I believe family and close friends are the important things in life.  A few years ago I came to the conclusion that I would probably never be famous or monetarily rich but if I can make a difference in my husband’s life or my children’s lives, they would remember me long after the day God calls me to Heaven.  To me, those are the true riches of life.  My great-grandmother, Amanda Williams (Gillum), has been and will always be in memory as one of the most sweet, gentle, warm-hearted individuals to have walked this earth…not that I haven’t heard the story of her whoopin’ my grandpa with a switch when he’d done wrong. 

Getting back on track, my classes are what they are.  I finally heard from Rod Tuesday night via e-mail.  He says he made it to Kuwait and is doing fine.  I am still unpacking…it’s a work in progress…but I finally uncovered my running shoes this morning!  Since my classes are only Tuesdays and Thursdays I went for a nice 2-mile run this morning with the doggies.  They were thrilled to get out there but found out quickly that running on the same leash is more difficult than it sounds.  Sure is easier when Rod is here! 🙂 

It’s now almost 0100 on Thursday and I am exhausted.  The crazy thing is, if you asked me what I accomplished today I’m not sure I’d have an answer for you…just a blank stare.

I did read Matthew, Chapters 1-4.  Rod and I decided to start over in Matthew instead of picking up in John where we were last.  Our goal is to read 4 chapters per day.  So much happens in these chapters.  Rod and I seem to agree that the geneaology can get kind of dry.  I always wish that one of these days I can map out the “family tree” in the bible.  I’m sure it has been done in the past but I love anything to do with geneaology.  The rest of the reading jumps straight in to Jesus being born, John the Baptist preparing the way for Jesus, Jesus being tested in the desert, and the beginnings of his ministry.  I can’t imagine how it must have been for Joseph, claiming Jesus as your own.  Any time I think of Joseph and Mary it always warms my heart to think of how much they had to have loved God and believed in His plan.  Can you picture another John the Baptist in today’s society?!  How about being chosen by God to baptize His Son?!  Joseph, Mary, and John the Baptist were ordinary people who God chose to use for significant acts.  During this year…and for the rest of our lives…we should keep and eye out for how God might want to use us ordinary people for His Purpose. 

See you tomorrow… M.


About Mandy

I am a Christian, a wife, a mother, a business owner, a full-time job worker, and a part-time Soldier.
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2 Responses to Ordinary to Most, Extraordinary to Some… 6,964 miles to go

  1. Maryeileen says:

    I forgot to log in my miles the other day but Emma and I walked 4.11 miles for Mandy…well I walked, Emma enjoyed the long haul via “stroller”…..GEEEZ….DON’T GET UP PAIGE I’LL GET IT! xoxoxo

  2. Rod says:

    I’ll count your miles, but you tell Emma to stop being lazy and get out of the stroller and walk herself!!!! J/K 🙂

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