Getting ready to leave….

     So I’m sitting in the hotel room with Mandy counting down the final hours until I take off.  It’s already in the “Our Goals for this Blog” tab, but I thought I would lay out some things that I had in mind when I first thought this whole thing up.  I love my wife.  She’s absolutely wonderful.  I hate the fact that once again we are going to be separated for an extended period of time thanks to our jobs (first time separated as a married couple).  The main idea for this blog is for she and I to have some way to feel like we are doing something together on a daily basis.  More than just email, snail mail, or telephone conversations.  Access to phones is not guaranteed on a daily basis.  But even without a computer, I can take five minutes and write down a new entry and then type it in the next time I have internet access.  Plus, on the blog, it is out there.  More pressure to actually get it done and not be lazy because I don’t want a ton of entries saying “Didn’t do anything today, more tomorrow.”  Plus I think the dual entries from us with be a good source of motivation. 

     Now, to what the actual daily writings will deal with.  When Mandy and I were still living in Arizona, we ran quite often.  It was something to do together and it was a great way to stay in some type of shape and unwind from much of the daily grind.  We really stopped doing that once we got to Texas and it showed.  I have put on about 35 pounds since our wedding in Tucson and I am easily as heavy and out of shape as I have ever been in my life.  It’s gross.  I realized just how bad it was this week walking up the stairs at our hotel after taking the dogs out.  Two flights of stairs and I was breathing heavy.  That and my uniforms look like they are painted on these days.  Mandy has put on weight since the wedding as well, and although she is as beautiful as ever, I know she is unhappy with her body right now.  The original idea was that she and I would run half the distance between Fayetteville, Arkansas and Baghdad, Iraq and “meet halfway” by the time my tour is over.  Unfortunately, I was WAY off in how far it is in between those two cities.  That would have required over 3000 miles for each of us.  To some people, that may seem feasible in a year.  For us, no way.  So Josh and Maryeileen (who Mandy will be staying with during my tour) are going to donate miles to help out.  My little brother Nick is also going to start running and donate some as well as he drops off all the college weight he has added on.  We will probably have to take some from other family members as well, being as it is 696o some odd miles in between.  Still, Mandy and I hope to be able to do the lion’s share of the running ourselves.  I hope to be able to do at least half marathons by the time I return, but really the goal is just better shape, get down to 190 pounds, and feel like my wife is there with me along the way.

     The second part of the blog is going to deal with our nightly Bible readings.  While in Texas, one good habit that she and I developed was reading our Bibles out loud to each other and talking about the passages before we went to bed.  Usually it was just a few chapters a night but it was really good for the both of us so we wanted to be able to keep doing it while I was gone.  So along with the running and random thoughts, we’ll also be posting the chapters we read for the night.  If we have any personal commentary about the passages, we’ll put that in too.  Although, I can’t guarantee I’ll always have anything to say about the passages.  Sometimes it may just be a log of what was read that day.

     I suppose this is getting long, so I will close.  If you happen to read any posts, feel free to leave a comment.  The main goal, though, is simply for Mandy and I to have another way to feel as close to one another as possible while being nearly 7000 miles apart.

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One Response to Getting ready to leave….

  1. Mom Deerfoot says:

    This is a great idea Rod!! Good job setting this all up and thanks for including all of us. Please know that we love you and that you and Mandy are in our thoughts and prayers. We can’t wait until this is all behind you and you are home safe and sound with Mandy. Take care and God bless you both.
    Mom and Dad

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